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i gotta find somewhere to vent this. my cousin, who is like my brother, really pisses me off. i love him, hes family, hes a great guy. we used to hang out alot and talk about everything. but he has a huge downside: hes a spoiled brat, his parents give him everything he wants. he has to have everything his way and thinks he can do whatever he wants. even in subtle ways he tries to manipulate situations in his favor. his behavior is often selfish.

now he doesnt hang out with me anymore. never answers my texts or phone calls. hes become a real stoner in recent years. hes not interested in anything that doesnt involve weed, beer, or food. so if i dont have any of those things hes not interested in hanging out with me.

now i get a text from him today of him asking me to help him with something. why should i have time for him when he doesnt have time for me? im just gonna tell him im busy tomorrow. the problem he is asking for help with...he will probably keep bugging me about till i say yes. but im tired of him treating me like that.
its hard for me to do that when he is one of the only 2 friends i have. i could talk to him about it, but it wouldnt do any good.


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its not that he hasnt done anything for me before. he has been there for me and listened to my problems. it seems like he will do those things only when its really convenient for him. its just the past year he has gotten worse about being flakey. he will only come to me when he wants something, then when i help him he just takes off like he has to be somewhere else. i feel somewhat taken advantage of.

i guess part of my irritation with him is he gets everything handed to him in life. his parents give him money all the time and he spends it on booze and drugs. he does all this crap he shouldnt be doing...like driving down the road stoned smoking weed, and gets away with everything. in a lot of ways we are opposites. he has social skill and i dont. i have skills that he does not. he is well liked by everybody it seems.
but if he doesnt get what he wants he throws a tantrum. then he cries to his mommy and she gives him what he wants. i dont get why such an ungreatful person deserves so much.

i just feel that i should assert that im not going to let him do that to me. maybe it will make him understand that he cant do that to everybody. maybe it will make him respect me.
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OMG you have just described my younger brother perfectly!!

He has become real bad with weed and does stupid **** all the time! he only just turned 18 and all he is interested in is getting high and sitting around he never wants to do anything with me and my sister ever but in saying that people like ur cousin and my brother are suffering alot of pain inside they use drugs and alcohol to mask there problems and feelings of emptiness...how do I know this because going back a few years ago I used to do the same only weed wasnt my drug of choice..

I think you should see what kind of problem he wants help with but you should also tell him how you feel even if it is just via texting!