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  • Haha, down from the bottom of my book-case! Hows it going MM? You're looking good in your profile pic btw. You remind me of somebody famous, but I can't think who xx
    hola matt =) gracias por preguntar, mi navidad estuvo normal, nada espectacular pero buena de todas maneras...y a usted como le fue espero que súper espectacular.
    I'm good thanks! Got a part-time job recently. No boyfriend, no. I'm not actively looking anymore, if it happens it'll happen naturally. Did you have a good Christmas? x
    Hey MM, I've just remembered I missed a chat message from you the other day. My chat feature is bugged and never gives me the messages straight away for some reason. Hows it going? Oh, and merry Christmas! x
    hey double, ive just been going thru some wierd state of affairs im not sure about being here sometimes, or even if it helps idk im just very confused both in RL and online.
    ahh-- up north to my grandmother's place.
    Ever since grandpa died in february, that place has been so depressing and terrible. I can't stand being there.
    I am leaving for the country for a week.
    It shall be hot and boring and depressing. haha
    ...and I know I'm gong to be freaked out all the time being in the middle of nowhere- damn you, agoraphobia!
    That's a really nice and relaxing tune - about a minute through, I decided I felt like lighting some incense to go with it! Thanks for sharing! Have you heard of Mike Oldfield? The piece you shared reminded me a bit of some of his works. Listen to this one, its a bit long - 8 minutes - but you only get the full effect if you listen from start to finish, so when you next need a song to fill up 8 minutes, here ya go...:D

    ‪Mike Oldfield - Sentinel - Tubular Bells II released 1992.‬‏ - YouTube
    I've heard of p90x several times myself but never actually tried it, I drag myself to the gym every day after work though :p
    Solamente poque me dices bella dama supongo que si, vaya que has mejorado apuesto senor =p. Cuanto tiempo llevas estudiando espanol?
    Mi espanol tampoco es tan bueno como deberia de ser, considerando que es mi primer idioma. Pero la practica nos brinda un poco mas cerca de la perfecion. Sigue practicando y ya veras que seras un hispanohablante adequado en menos de lo que esperas. =)
    Hello :) I guess it does sound strange, calling me alexandra is okay too. I've been pretty drained from work lately, you?
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