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I was so close to having an undefeated holiday board game season. Things started off well when I beat my mom and brother at scrabble by a lopsided 70 points, then came sequence at my grandparents where I defended my perfect record and won easily.
^ Good job! I haven't played the actual board game in a while. No one wants to play with me. :p

Curse you Racko, curse you!
^ What's a Racko? :confused:
I'm incredibly itchy and frustrated tonight after making the mistake of sitting in a hot tub which I wasn't supposed to do (not supposed to come into contact with chlorinated water) because of a skin disease I came down with around a month ago, pityriasis rosea. Most of my body is covered with these red scaly bumps and there's no cure for it so unfortunately I have to wait it out until they disappear. I'm afraid enough as it is to go out in public but now it's even worse without a sweatshirt. I hope it doesn't last several months.
Oh, I'm so sorry about that. It shouldn't last that long, I hope. Is this skin disease something that can be cured or treated? Maybe you should go check that out. Hope you feel better.


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You know what? Good f***ing riddance to 2011.

I mean, seriously:
-I put on weight. Somehow I'm at my heaviest and I know it's my fault, but it shows another weakness in me.
Unfortunately, the scales are not tipping in my favor either! I'm the heaviest I've been in a long time. Not good!

-I'm more depressed. I started the year normally but now I've dug a hole for myself and it's awful.
Me too. I thought starting a new job in a new field would be a fresh start, but it's been very disappointing. I just feel like I don't fit in, which makes going to work quite depressing.

-I'm going to therapy.
Too scared to do this, even though I probably should!

-I lost a good friend.
I ended two long-term friendships this year. I thought I'd feel better ending things than continue being used all the time, but it's been more difficult than I thought. It's so hard to start over with friendships - they take a long time to build and meeting sincere, quality people is damn near impossible these days.

So, 2011: **** you. I'm done. There is really no way but UP for 2012.
Ditto! It couldn't get much worse!


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The international date line is being adjusted to change the side Samoa is on. Instead of being one of the last places where the sun rises each day, it will become one of the very first. So after today, December 29, tomorrow will be December 31. December 30, 2011 will not take place in Samoa.

This will straighten the international dateline out, so it is closer to following 180 degrees longitude. American Samoa remains where it is, so it will be almost a full day behind Samoa.
I feel like I just want someone to hold me. I wish I could find someone to care about me, and just give me a hug. A real hug. I mean someone I'd feel comfortable hugging, because most people it makes me feel awkward.

I want a boyfriend. I am super lonely. I want to feel special.