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  • HI E :)
    could be your browser - i don't see it at all when i'm on safari on the iPad

    i'm not really sure how anything on this site works - Pookah never lets me drive and Remus won't let me touch any of the knobs or levers
    no, no-- the 8-16km/day was so I could get rid of my depression weight.
    I made a resolution to give the next person who sees me without clothes on- a heart attack. (and die because I'm so awesome. is that evil? It's not murder if they have a heart attack, right?) haha
    I'll have to up the anti this year, though. I've started running again- but so far I'm only up to 6km.
    Doing cardio, yoga and pilates. Still haven't felt a mood change and the weightloss is pretty much at a standstill. Has been since July. Oh, well... keep trying, I guess.
    Ham and cheese sandwich, or honey and peanut butter, have both ;)

    cheese strings, chocolate pudding, a few apples, and arizona iced tea :D
    LOL, cmon up Coy! :)

    Those city shots are of calgary, i recognize all the areas. Mah hometown! :D
    can i come visit?

    (remember to breathe) Alberta - Travel Alberta - YouTube
    Your wedding photo is amazingly cute and made me smile, you guys look like the sweetest couple ever, that's all I wanted to say. Keep smiling, Gunman :)
    I live in a giant bucket.
    Haha, I remember that quote-- although I can't remember where it's from exactly. Some cartoon... was that the same guy in the "Everybody Dance!" cartoon?

    You actually met Clint Eastwood? WOW
    oh wow, nice!.

    I met mr eastwood once, randomly. very VERY nice guy, very down to earth. celeb or not, for once my S/A wasnt there. it was cool.

    I got my pic taken with him, then bought paid for his dinner at the resteraunt we were at as thanks, lol. Hes been a boyhood hero of mine.
    Man, you know the way your signature is a Clint Eastwoood quote, my uncle knows one of the actresses from gran torino (shes called Geraldine Hughes, he knows her because shes from Belfast) and she says he is a really good modest guy, like really respectable and all. Like he hasn't let fame go to his head or any of that.
    Clint Eastwood is king!

    Funny to see so many revisionist western names/avatars on here.
    oh, we're talking! oh well!
    Thanks anyway~ it's very nice of you to offer condolence in the form of KD.
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