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  • Hey dyingtolive, I was having a little problem with my internet so couldn't be online. Yeah, I've already started university, thanks. :)
    How are you?
    Hi. I don't go out anywheres when I'm clothesfree, as it's illegal, unfortunately. I still live with my folks and they buy the groceries, sometimes I do, but not nude. I've been in the house most of the week. I do go outside, but only late at night.
    Yeah I never used to be so bad. I've been allergic to wheat for 3 years, but could still handle oats and stuff quite well, until recently. Then I cut back on the wheat-free (but still containing gluten) products once or twice a week and was still good. But today has been painful, which means my allergy has gotten worse. It does suck and it looks like I need to get rid of it completely.
    Poets? No. But maybe you'd be better served with lyricists. Like Ani DiFranco, Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan.
    No problem, hope it helped at least a bit :). I am not feeling very good but I´m still trying to feel better..
    Yeah, I love to read. Though I don't have much patience when it comes to reading. Thanks, I think I will. I've this fear too, its like I'm hard on myself even when I know no one's going to read my stuff besides me.
    Nice! Its lovely that you can express yourself so beautifully.
    I don't write poetry, I do try to write some strories though, but nearly all of them are unfinished, got too lazy to finish. :p
    Yeah, I'm bit of a perfectionist too, a little too much I guess. That seems great, I need to try it as well. I can relate with the obsession, I tend to do it too, well untill I get distracted again.
    Ohh that's so cool, good luck with it. I'd love read/hear to some of your poetry/songs. :)
    Art is great for INFPs too, I'm sure you're good and will be even better with enough experience and practice. I wanted to be a writer too but unfortunately I'm too lazy and I've a hard time expressing my imaginations sometimes. I also have all those negative INFP traits like procrastination and living in my head too much haha.
    I've found about it almost a year ago. I love it too. I've taken a few tests and all of those type me as an INFP. I think it makes sense though.
    You have to remember most people here are very upset and angry with their lives so you must learn to understand and forgive certain behaviors.
    Damn I missed your picture here, it sucks :/. Also Weirdy´s and some others. And some have never even post anything :(.
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