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  • Hey thanks for the add. Dont let this place and its craziness get to you. You're cool - I enjoy reading your posts, I can relate to a lot of what you say. Stick around :)
    It's easy to compliment good folk like you bee.x msg me any time and have a faboosh night :)
    Thanks. At present it feels unreal, I think about her all the time, remembering all her little mannerisms. It really feels like a hole in my life, it's like a shadow that is missing.
    Hi, I love your poetic signature and i also see you like video gaming. I just recently joined. I'm on my XBox everyday. What kind of gaming do you do?
    You can email me at [email protected]. At work now. Have a great day!
    Nothing wrong with your posting, in an normal world it would be an accurate statement. It is just that my mind immediate starts to screw me around and make me feel like the guilty person. And now I feel bad for making you feel bad.
    Joke: What happens when you cross a Pitbull terrier with a Labrador?

    He scares the **** out of you and then run of with the toilet paper. :)
    I'm glad it was great for you, Violet. :) I think a lot of people could use a mini-break, including me!

    Sorry it took ages to reply. I went to work then to the gym. I hope you're having a lovely day/night.
    *hugs* Good morning. :) I'm glad I could brighten your day. You deserve nice compliments. :)
    I hope you're doing great, Violet. I admire your attitude to life and maybe one day I will have the same mindset. :)
    You play videogames, Agent V? Well, what a coincidence, so do I;)! You ride motorcycles, play games, and prefer to stay inside? You're like the perfect girl:D! Er, woman. So what games do you play? I'd like to challenge you to a match::p:.
    I'm gonna get some sleep Agent V, watch your back it's a dangerous world out there. Catch ya later :D
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