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  • As you know families are often complex things,escpically when issues like anxiety are involved.Lots of emotion,feelings slooshing around.

    Yes city life is often very hectic,chaotic,lots of different kinds of strangers.Lots of unknowns that can set off anxious feelings.

    Have you always lived in a village and what are the people like?
    Hi.Do you mean location wise your family is not close or emotionally.Im not sure if I would like living in a small town or not.But I know it has its advantages and disadvantages.It depends on your personality and what the person needs around them I suppose.I do like being close to libraries,museums,shops but I find the city also very noisy and crowded.Towns probably are much quieter places.Do you like living in a small place or not.

    I think if there is a city relatively close by,there are probably music studios there.
    Hi.It sounds like your family is a musical one.Do you play together sometimes.
    I think some music studios allow the public to lay down a demo.I think thats how the cool people in the biz speak.Hehee.So maybe you could find a studio in your city.

    Nope,Im the only one in the family that plays a musical instrument currently.Im from a small family since its just me my brother and mum.Some distant relatives that I dont see.I think creative people are often interesting people.Musicians,poets,artists etc.I write poetry.
    Hi.I thought there would probably be differences in sound between an electric keyboard and a piano.Like you said,with an electric one you can add affects such as backing tracks,samples which is a plus I think.
    Who is else in the family can play an instrument?

    Technology has really had big affects on music.You can for a few hundred dollars or pounds buy decent equipment to produce,mix,record your music in a kind of home studio_Obviously there are positives and negatives to most things including technology.
    Sorry about slow response,I have had a cold and sore throat.
    Wow,I did not realiase that pianos were that expensive.Lucky that you have one in the family.

    Keyboards are less expensive than piano and are decent one can sound like a real piano as well as being far more mobile.You can not stick a piano in a bag like a keyboard.Hehee.Can a keyboard recreate the sound of piano or can you easily tell the difference?
    Hi.True in regards to learning violins,what you said.I read that some people learning an instrument like violin tend to stop due to not making quick enough progress and sounding like an injured animal for a long time.With an acoustic guitar you get a decent sound from it fairly quickly.The trick is learning how to play accurately a chord again and again.Not just 1 out of 10 tries.

    I will have a listen to the Yurima on you tube.He sounds interesting.Yes ,the violin is a nice sounding instrument and quite easily carried around .Cost wise some instruments such as electric guitars are often expensive unfortunetly.The acoustic guitar I have is fairly cheap and good quality.
    Hi.I only have a limited knowledge of piano classic music etc.I know some Gerswin and Chopin.What kind of music does Yurima compose and what do you like about him or her.

    Im just learning chords at the moment and I can play around 8 chords from memory.The electric guitar is my favourite instrument to listen to along with the piano.Eventually I hope to learn the electric guitar but Im starting with acoustic.
    Heyy, how are you? I saw your photo in picture thread, and I loveee your red sunglasses, where did you get them from ? Or did you photoshop them? I really want those!! haha :3

    How's your SA and your day ? :pPP

    “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” that is the coolest quote ever! do you know where its from!
    Hi.Just read your post about you staying clear of all drugs.Good on you for sticking to your principles.I have never smoked and I very rarely drink.Even then it is mixed with fruit juice or a soft drink.In England alot of people drink and smoke. At times it seems like most people do but in fact most people in England dont smoke and quite a few people rarely drink.There are lots of people who share your views about cigarrettes and alacohol.
    chibi, I got your message. The reason why we haven't spoken in a while is because of my Internet problems. You see, it sometimes goes out and won't come back on for maybe a few minutes to hours on end. I don't want to talk to you and have it go out. So that's why I've been "avoiding" you and I apologize for that. My Internet connection should be getting fixed soon so we'll talk again then:).
    Gundam is the most popular anime in Japan. It exists since 1979 and there have been many Gundam series and movies. There are two types of Gundam series. The Universal Century (UC) ones and the ones from alternate universes. UC is the main story of Gundam, the one that started in 1979. Each series is either a sequel to the previous one or one set at the same time but with different characters and at another place. The alternate universe ones have nothing to do with the main story. They started in the 90's and are really not as good as the UC ones. They are also the only Gundam series that have aired in the West. I'm not surprised that you've never seen it. Even though it's the most popular in Japan, here it remains unknown for some reason. When I went to the anime convention last summer, I didn't see one Gundam cosplay.
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