List AT LEAST one thing you all like about your physical appearance?


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I like my eyes. Right now I like my facial hair which I haven't shaved for the past 3 weeks, I think people look at me as if I'm an adult instead of a teenager. When you're a short and skinny dude people just see you as a kid, you need to show something characteristic of grown men, like a beard.

I most often get compliments on my eyes, hair, and waist. Honestly I have too much self hatred to love any qualities about myself. I just see the need for improvement in EVERYTHING and sometimes get consumed with jealousy about people I wish I could be. Not a good quality for sure. If I had to choose one thing I'm not sure if it's eyes or hair. They're both decent but I feel like they could be prettier. I don't dislike either one. I have reasonably large dark blue eyes, but I feel like millions of other people do too! I have nice hair but I've messed with it too much with dye and bleach etc. It's still longish and straight and pretty damn thick. People are always asking me if I have extensions, I would never. I wish I could accept myself in some way, what in the absolute is this unobtainable desire to be "perfect" coming from. Rant over, :p.


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I like my eyebrows and eyelashes. My eyebrows are thick and my eyelashes are long. The long eyelashes are kind of weird on a guy, I guess but I like them. I used to think I had unique eyes until my doctor told me they were just indicating that I have high cholesterol.


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I like my naturally curly hair.

I'd have a much harder time listing anything anyone else likes about me.


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I was pretty darn proud of my hair, but since I've cut it and damaged it with hair dye... Its ugly.

I don't know... I can't think of one part of me that doesn't need work. I suppose my eyelashes are my favorite. They're pretty long.


Hie yer hence from me heath!
My freckly face
My dimpled cheeks
My eyebrows

I'd have said my beard, but I wish it was a bit longer.


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I like my eyes, apparently many ex girlfriends I had loved them. I also like my beard haha it's not a crazy beard but I feel weird without facial hair xD.


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eyes, hair, hips, hipbones, waist, chest, hands, wrists, bone structure, collarbone, soft skin, soft hair, small feet, weight ... i cant think of many things i dont like, really, except for a few things that can be fixed