List AT LEAST one thing you all like about your physical appearance?

Silvox Black

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My black hair that is slowly turning white. I have over a dozen strands of clearly visible white hairs, and I relish in that fact. If I could have a full head of white hair by the time I am 20, I would enjoy it immensely.


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My hair... Uh.... That's about it. I hate most things about my body. But it could be a lot worse.


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I hate my appearance, so I go to the gym. I guess my abs are the nicest thing about my physical appearance.
Actually, I have no idea... I would've said my muscles (triceps to be specific), back when I used to work out, but since I'm not in shape anymore.... I dunno.

Lost Girl

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I like my butt. Because of my butt I am able to sit. I like sitting. One of my favourite things to do if I'm really being honest. Whenever there is an opportunity to sit, I will sit.


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lol I really like my nose though it's not conventionally beautiful, or straight, or anything (and makes buying glasses hard lol)...

I heard a story how a woman had a very 'wavy' nose and while some people would be desperate about that - her future husband fell in love with the shadow of her 'wavy' nose!!
I thought it was a really great story, and very inspirational too.
Things that make you different make you unique, why should everyone be the same, imagine how boring THAT would be!!

I also like my hands. A cousin commented on that once and I was very surprised, but realized I really do have nice hands. (Not perfect, far from it.) They can also write/type/play guitar/draw.. what's not to love?? :) lol

Everyone who find this difficult - it's not an easy process, but very important - you CAN learn to like and even love yourself!! Even if you're not perfect!!
'Accept' might be easiest first - you don't have to 'like' or 'approve' to 'accept' how you are..

People used to say they really liked my eyes or my smile and I was quite surprised about that.. So even if you don't specifically like something, others may!!