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  • aww, i'd love to see them!! but i can't find where you posted them :( lol, can you gimmie a link or somethin? which thread is it??
    Don't worry - you'll get some sleep eventually - maybe in ten years or so. I have twin boys - the sleep deprivation went on for a long time. It's their way of breaking you down so you'll give in to them - much like the CIA.
    :) I agree! I fully urge you to check out some of his other stuff, I think you'd like it.
    Hiiiii Emily G! I don't know if you saw my reply to you in the "post lyrics you relate to" thread, but I saw that you posted this one song, so I really wanted to suggest you listen to Sufjan Stevens! (he covers it).

    YouTube - Sufjan Stevens ? Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing ?

    I hope you like! He happens to be one of my favourite current musicians. Hope all is well with the baby in your tum. :)
    my name is emily too, its the only word that starts with the awkward em (with the small exception of the word e-mail) i think. oops, i forgot embarrass and embezzlement
    Not sure if you got my post in the "How You're Feeling" thread but I just wanted to say the same thing Katie did. This is your first celebration of Mother's Day and I hope it's a wonderful one you :)

    Congrats, you make a beautiful new mom!
    LMAO, I'm not quite sure why someone would be scared to walk a dog. Well unless the dog is like freakin huge or something. I'm lighter than some of them so I might get dragged down the street. (^_^')
    That settles it. As soon as I move out I'm getting a dog too.
    Pardon me for my question madam but I find myself compelled to ask, you are not one of those Christians who is so ignorant and bigoted that they tarnish the true Christian way of life are you?
    Hey Emiliy G. Great prophetic scripture from Isiah you have there. I have shown it to one or two Jewish people I know and they are left dumbfounded. I am a Born-Again Christian (baptized by full immersion, speak in tongues...John 3:3-5, Mark 16, Acts 2:38) I am new to this site, it would be great to have you as a friend if ur interested :)
    do support groups help you improve? or just provide support. I dont think its draining on me but i should look for help.. its been many many years and i sort of just deal with it
    u stutter? i also do :C its hard to find other stutterers for some reason
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