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  • Wassup boo. Life's been moving fast and things have been changing, but I feel good. How r u holding up?
    wow my bad I didn't even notice you were on. Anyway, things have been crazy the last couple months and life has taken some crazy turns, but for the last couple days I've fallen into a pretty bad low. I also picked up smoking cigarettes a month ago and I've been smoking like a fiend. But I'm looking forward to talking to you and hearing wats up about u, I think one of my issues is my "world revolves around me complex"
    Hey wassup long time no talk. I'm feeling a bit down so hope we can talk sometime soon
    Thank you :) still not 100% sure If I'll go I'm more positive about it now :) You have them too I take?? xx
    Your welcome!Don't ever doubt yourself like I said,I'm sure you give a lot of people some inspiration on here.It's kick ass you don't let your anxiety control you completely.
    YouTube - Cute Panda Eating Bamboo there you go lol your a panda now :D
    yea some good and some bad lolzz ... but hey the wedding night was good :D
    Hey girly, I was just remembering some asian horror stuff I saw. I remember Cinderella (Korean) being a real good one. Also Reincarnation and Re-cycle. :D Hope you are well.
    Don't know what they hate for
    I'm Just gettin my paper
    Well maybe they'll love me more when I'm gone
    I don't wanna leave, but I need to, it's such a shame...
    They gone miss this plane (plane)...
    They gone miss this plane (plane)...
    They gone miss this plaaane (plaaane)...
    They gone miss this plane (plane)...
    I try to believe you, I don't wanna leave but I need to..

    :D Life's great. All ur issues are beatable with time, the right situation and you being urself
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