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  • That is awesome :) So, do you just do instrumentals, or are you a singer too? Ha, there's nothing interesting about me, at least not yet.
    Dayum.... Telecasters. Fine examples of guitarmanship. Wish I had one. Not that I can barely play... but they're so purty.
    What kind of music do you play if you dont mind me asking...?
    I am alright I guess... you know...just living my life as mundane as it is. What kind of guitar are you staining? I remember seeing a picture of one your guitars....a fender I believe?
    Hi, thank you very much, it was very sweet of you to ask. :)
    Besides being a bookworm, not much and daily life. I'm Okk right now. :D
    Howdy back. Literally nothing, trying to find something to do. Thanks for asking. I just wanted to say hello to you :).
    I realized you meant me when you said that thing about the posts. lol

    That's not why I'm here, though.

    I'm here to congratulate you on being strong enough to ditch those bad habits. I hope you keep up the good work. ^.^ Take care.
    do you like Floyd? I would like to listen to this on your new speaks XD I need some bad all I use anymore are headphones :( Pink Floyd - Echoes / Live at Pompeii ( full ) - YouTube
    Hey drummer boy :0) I am doing eh...okay. I have to move again so that's a bit sucky but I think my new home might be fantastic If all goes well. Howz you??
    yeah it does it job, but I would like to own something like a 10 to 12 inch scope to see fainter objects :) Im in a astronomy club here in Iceland and we have had visiters from Canada to visit us a few time, now we have to do the favor in return someday :)
    yeah it's always fun to watch the moon, it never lets you down by its glory and impact crater's, what kinda scope are you using ? Im using skyhawk 114 not very special one, I hope I'll find a better one for next winter.
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