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  • Luke I can sort of make you out from the pic and I can tell a lot of women if given the chance would find you v handsome (and I do mean that in a very very hetro way).
    Thanks. What took you so long I was just in the trash and read your post thats all that was a long time ago lol
    Hey Luke! lol about feeling honoured! :)
    Well, even if you don't go to that class, maybe some of it can be helpful for next time you look for jobs...
    There's nothing wrong with being 'average'! In fact, most people are!!
    Sometimes it's better to be 'average' than 'too brilliant'! Expectations rise if you seem 'too promising', so actually being 'average' can be very relaxing, I guess..
    Still, even if you're average, I think you do have some good points!! Like a daisy and a rose, they are both beautiful flowers, even if they are completely different... And a carrot or a steak are both nutritious.. Okay, odd metaphors.. At 17, it may be difficult to know what you're good at, especially if you haven't tried many things.. So I guess it's best to start trying things - by volunteering or summer jobs or part-time jobs or whatever... You may even discover some very good qualities in yourself!!
    Hey Luke! Read about your class.. Do you think they'd laugh at your real goal/s? I think it's a worthwhile and interesting goal... isn't it?

    Where I live, there are also 'outreach' programs where they present jobs to young people.. They can give info too..

    Your strengths: make a list of nice things others have said about you? Or ask any relatives/friends? Maybe an aunt or cousin could help? A list of successes (even small ones, even from when you were younger)...
    Or you could even make a list of your flaws, and look at a list of desirable characteristics for that job and see if you have any of those, at least for a small amount.. There are probably lists online and in any job ads.. You just copy the ones you think you might have..
    Even if you're 'quiet and unsociable' that can be a bonus - 'can work well solo' or 'good listener' and such..

    Otherwise, just go to a job ad website and pick something least bothersome and do the same with the required characteristics...?
    i am being forced to work in charity shop as i have been on jobseekers allowance now for so long. After a while, 18-24 year olds who havent found work are to do community service. If you dont do it your money is stopped.
    thanks i just never scrolled down far enough mate well duuu i deserve to be wearing that hat remus gave me hahahahaha
    you will notice i put sex boom under your picture of chap ;) now the ladies should start chasing you mate ;)
    hey that post on the last person to post wins , that football bloke was as funny as hell , i pissed my self laughing at that , thanks for the laugh mate :D
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