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  • I read you're training to be an RN, how's that going? I've looked into healthcare a lot but I wonder if I could cope with being social all the time.
    I highly doubt you are one for wanting or in need of admiration. You know what you know and that's just fine.

    Before I become carried away, to quell it from happening, really, I believe I should provide a long overdue introductory.

    Admittedly I find it difficult to gauge which words would wisely suit an introductory from me to you.

    Hello, hope things are at least busily occupying for you. A busy mind is a non-worry mind.
    Hey. I read you have been single and a virgin all your life.
    You know what I think? I think that God is going to bless you with SO much more than just sex one day. You will be greatly rewarded for being pure in sexual performance (with other people)
    I admire you.
    Hiya mate, you sound like you have a lot of hobbies, I like camping and hiking myself but i'm not rich enough to boat :)
    YouTube - ‪Power Tools - A Man's Best Friend‬‎ building another tree house eh mate :D
    YouTube - ‪my gun collection‬‎ just for you mate , take your pick :cool::D
    I'm just helping my friends honestly, I do appreciate it though.
    yea im ok thanks mate same old same old , you found yourself a hot chick yet mate ;)
    aye a dinny ken if im allowed that avator, but i did ask remus to change it if he wanted, withought banning me :D
    a scottish taxi :)

    i'm camping next weekend actually, very excited!! have you been camping lately? sorry about the late response, i've been busy moving and looking for a new job. i hope you are well my friend :)
    i remember when the dog i grew up with was put down. he was very old and in bad health, but i will never do that to any pet i have. beforehand euthanasia seemed like the right thing to do, but two seconds after the procedure was done i saw it completely differently. it changed from being a humane procedure to a huge mistake instantly. all i could think about was how unique he was and how no other dog was remotely like him. truely i mourned worse over him than i did over my grandmother! its best not to remember it i think
    totally know what you mean. the world would be a better place if we were all like dogs. my sweet dogs got more soul than five people put together
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