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  • Thank you! :) awww hahaha my nephew just gets the hose out on me the cheeky sod lmao!
    Sorry, just realised I never answered you. Umm, all sorts of rubbish is going on right now, just trying to focus on getting through the days. Where is it you work?
    Work during the week usually unless they call overtime. Yeah, I doubt you would be all "hey sweetie" blah blah. etc :P Maybe "hi I noticed you were reading...etc"
    I loved it! :) I had never been camping before so it was a new and great experience! We all had a huge water fight together, you're never too old for a water fight lol! And we also had a huge BBQ together and the rest of the time was spent doing whatever we liked. For me it was mostly avoiding the sun LOL, yet somehow i got burnt and im very sore hehe!
    Yeah, it's hard to deal with one extreme of weather and then go to the other extreme. Definitely hard to get used to. I'm sorry to hear that you've hurt your back. I hope it gets better soon! You need to rest because it sounds like you're working an awful lot. And yes, please do PM me the private stuff. I understand you not wanting others to read it, heh.

    I guess I'm okay. Been having quite a bit of anxiety the past couple of days. Haven't had much of an appetite because of it. I hate my brain. Oh, and Cheyenne did spend the night like a week ago or something. It was pleasant, but she's back to acting like she doesn't want to and sh*t. Just pisses me off. If she wants to come over, she's welcome to, but I've decided I'm not going to invite her anymore because she usually just blows me off for her bratty friends. I'm the only friend of hers that hasn't ever been mean to her or lied to her, yet she'd still rather spend time with the ones that have hurt her.
    No you're wrong sorry, it's always cold and snowy in scotland. Everyone knows that ::p:
    It's good again thankyou :) as long as I can manage not to screw everything up again :rolleyes:
    Hi. I'm okay, I guess. Not much going on, as usual. I'm sorry you've missed a couple workouts. That sucks. I'm sure you'll get back on track, though. However, it is kind of your fault for missing them, lol. :P Being hungover and all.

    Yeah, I hear ya about the heat. God, it's awful. It's getting over 100 degrees here. Not fun. How hot is it over there? I can't wait for autumn to get here. F*ck summer!

    So, what else has been going on with you recently?
    Hey. How are you doing? I'm alright, I guess. I babysat my niece (a 3 year old, by the way) three days in a row. I've always known that I'm an impatient person and that kids get on my nerves, but this has really made me just want to march right down to the hospital and get my tubes tied. She's my niece and I love her, but oh my god. She's so irritating! I know that's mean, but I just don't like kids. Oh, and I don't have to be with her to watch kid shows and movies, lol. I'll do it no matter what!

    More hours at work for you sounds good. More money! I'm glad to hear that you've been keeping up with your exercise lately. I know how hard it can be to stay motivated. I really need to get into that same routine and into losing weight and crap. It's just difficult for me. Anyway, not much else to report. What's new with you?
    I liked Dirge of Cerberus best of FF for style and Vincent Valentine.

    Every Italian-American has a mob tie somewhere in the family. :P
    Some Final Fantasy, Twilight Princess, Resident Evil, WoW, Lord of the Rings online, Silent Hill and such. I forgot about E3 but I've watched a few things on youtube. Yes, Italian/Sicilian its where I get the crazy eyebrows/nose. :P Scotland is exotic to me.
    I like pc video games, wii, ps2. Want a ps3 sooo bad. :P

    I don't sun much. I did tan pretty darkly as a little girl (Italian genes) but I don't like to now.
    Eh, I wish getting money was that easy. I think stealing it is the only option, lol. I do want this very badly, but there are many obstacles. My boyfriend's family want to move to Forks, Washington. It's beautiful, I've been to Washington before. Quite a pretty state. However, I'd still much rather go to Canada. At least if they do make this moving thing official (even if they do, it'll be at least a couple years before actually moving), I'll be closer to Vancouver than I am now, haha.

    I didn't do anything on the weekend, like always. And I of course haven't done much this week, either. Chris and I babysat my niece yesterday at my sister's house, and I'll be doing that again today and probably tomorrow. I'm kind of dreading it, but I don't mind that much since I'll be getting paid, heh.

    Wow, that's cool about your job. :) And you're right, being a workaholic is definitely better than any other 'holic you could be, lol. Hope you're doing well.
    I'm dead tired after work and workout, maybe I'm weird.

    I plan to play video games and remain pale.
    Just vacation from work and people. Home without anxiety. Now if it just lasted forever. :P I tend to be tired from work because it is essentially an 8-hour work out. Then I do a bit of time on the stationary bike when I get home....then I want to pass out. >_<
    Hey, I'm anxiously awaiting vacation, 1 whole week away from peoples. How are you?
    I look perfect? LOL! You've gotta be out of your mind. But thank you, anyway. :P

    Wow, that's really cool about the White Stripes documentary. I'd like to see that. I bet Canada was indeed very beautiful in it. I highly doubt I'll ever get to go because I don't have any money. :(

    No plans for me this weekend. I did nothing, like always. I'm sorry you're turning into a workaholic. That must suck! Having some time off would make one go a little crazy, I would assume. I'm betting you'll figure something out, though. Just enjoy your time off. :)
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