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  • I think it's just someone's depiction of Death/Grim Reaper. I'm just a sucker for any kind of dark hooded/helmeted faceless figure.
    Hi, thanks for the welcome. You have awesome taste in music.
    Yoda, yes. Not intentional. Take it as truth or false. Mostly, I have zero recollection of wording sentences in that form. When caught I rephrase before post message.

    I can map it, trace it to when emotion chokes logic. Or when I am phased. What is phased, I have no idea. I use in-between. Nothing.
    I've been told this. Not in similar words. If a reason you are looking for, I have none. An imaginary description might be: A direct line to mind and emotion. Here. What I think and feel can be freed(?).

    I assure you, reality, I am either silent as the grave or lacking what I am here.
    Shoot, Cover, 3 Elites, Run away, Pickup plasma pistol, Move up slowly.

    I'm the same man on that Difficulty, trust me.
    Of course man, will be getting a mic soon also, it's ok though. I was working all Night on Saturday so I wouldn't of had time to play with you anyway, but yeah man, definatly this weekend coming up. Just make sure if we co op we go Legendary :)
    Power metal. Never called nor heard that. Death metal, yes. I will, for lack of better terms, check these out.

    Until recently my knowledge of what is and was, very intensively, lacking.

    To those who question I say: 'what sounds good is good.' I cannot and will not be grounded, be tailored, be lessened by one genre of music.
    Curiosity can be a dangerous state. I willingness I have, yes. Industrial rock, as I have been told. Mainly anything with a heavy beat, pronounced terrific guitar. To many the sounds of Rammstein come to mind. I have been looking into Front Line Assembly.
    Hey, Silvox! I hope life has been kind to you lately. Or at least not too unkind.

    I found that helmet online maybe 6 years ago. I decided I wanted to dress up for a Halloween party as a scout trooper on a speeder bike. Unfortunately the execution was a bit less stellar than the original idea, but the party was reasonably fun as I recall.

    I don't remember what site I eventually found it on, though. I just know the helmet sits in my bedroom, awaiting the inevitable rebellion....

    Yes this is correct, whored it for about a week, still suck at it though, if you have XBL, add me man.

    Gamertag is NerdRage Z
    Im sorry dude. They will pay though. Just try to get your education. I know how it feels to be in your situation.
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