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  • Lol, I am sure you will notice if someone did that XD Believe me, no one can keep a facade like that for long. Besides, the chances of that happening to you are really low. Yeah, be careful with who you talk to, but don't be too paranoid :)

    Just try it. You will find someone, eventually. Just to let you know, though... You might (keyword: might) find people that aren't appealing and/or stupid. Ignore them and move on, don't let them affect your views about the world. There are a lot of nice peeps out there.
    They're just trying to give you some insight :) telling you that things aren't as bad as you think. But no, it's not easy.
    I suggest you both use the ignore function for each other, any more flaming in posts PMs or visitor pages and you will both be facing a ban.
    I got your message.
    "Please do not insult other users based upon their topics and posts. If you can't handle them, go somewhere else and find another way to occupy your time."

    You don't have to lump me in with all the other abusive women who exist in your world. I meant no harm, I am a female and not an abuser. I hope you find a girlfriend who brings happiness to your life. Thank you for your advice on how I should occupy my time but I am quite happy to stay on this site and learn from other people.
    I only know of Twiggie, Coyote and Remus, I don't know whether either of them are online right now. Sorry.. But I'm sure if you send any of them a PM they'll come back to you in a timely manner.
    I am Interested In You,
    [email protected]
    My name is Glory ,I saw your profile today at socialphobiaworld.com and became interested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am.
    I can define myself as an attractive young lady with an open heart, tender soul and optimistic view on life. I definitely know what I want from life and I will try to square the circle. I like to enjoy life.Here is my email address([email protected])
    Also send a friend request to A friend.

    Sorry for making fun of your username :)

    Not many people understand my sense of humor so excuse me in advance.
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