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  • ahh .... you are a great person MaliceInWickedland you made me feel better.
    Thank you, MaliceInWickedland, Your a nice person who has a bright future, I believe that you are going to go far in this world. It good and nice to have a big heart like yours.
    I am just getting ready to move I don`t now where yet. But I hope it some where nice. I just sold my car because of money problems but I am not worried I well bounce back.
    Great news! I really hope it keeps working for you. I will give you an update after 2 weeks and let you know how it helps me. If it restores my sleep cycle then I'm half way there :)
    Hey, sounds really great and I love the fact that its natural and has received so many positive reviews!

    I have just ordered some, will be delivered on Wednesday/Thursday. I assume dosage is one a day (500mg) and is it best to be taken in the morning/evening?

    I hope it can help put my mind at ease and I really need to sleep well. I find that on the occasion that I get a good nights sleep, I can deal with people and the working day so much better. So at the very least, I hope that it can push me back into a natural sleep cycle.

    Good luck and I hope it keeps working for you down the line, Take care :)
    That's okay, you do what you have to do but it is still nice seeing you around here. I like your posts. :) No unsettling ever.
    Hey Malice, I saw a post yesterday about L-Tryptophan.
    Could you tell me how it helps you? I am really intrigued and will probably order some today.
    Thanks, R2R
    Hey Malice. Good to see you posting again, even if at a lesser rate than before. I like having you around.
    I live on acreage in the countryside. I live on top of hill with views of forested hills and farmland. And at night I can see the lights of Hobart, it really is pretty awesome.
    I like your dream house, with the forest almost surrounding the house. A place to walk and chill when ever you felt like.
    Yeahh. I'll probably never officially leave.. But just be on and off. Why would you leave though? D:
    Oh I know how Pyro is. I've been putting up with him for quite a bit now. And no it doesn't offend me, so no worries. :)

    If you feel to do so, and you pretty much have already, don't regret taking a good break now and then. We all need it once in a while.

    (Yes, I can read silver. Nice try. ^-^)
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