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  • Hey Frankie how are you keeping? Did you complete step 1 yet? The stealing underpants?
    Sorry Not yet. My computers in storage Im only connecting via phone. I dont know when if I can d/l anything for a while :-\ Sorry Frankie, I will when I can
    Hi Frankie how goes the plan? If I recall ahem

    step 1: steal underpants
    step 2: ???
    Step 3: rule the world
    Don`t under estimate your heart, remember you love her that mean your heart was working. having a good heart that work in this world is the most important thing hear. I would love to have a good heart like your. I am so tried of hating to world.
    Hey, I wish you the best wedding are fun to go to. but I may not be able to make it I thank I live far away and have a fear of flying.
    You guys you know that feeling you get when someone builds you up and then knocks you down, that's the way I feel right now ::(:
    You must mean Croome Road. I haven't heard anything about that. Sounds like something that would happen because Croome Road doesn't have a very large amount of traffic flowing through.
    Haha Vegas! My god, that would be insane. I don't think I'll ever have the money for that, but that would be kinda cool. :)
    Hey there,
    Yeah I've gotten 50 years older in a month... Crazy isn't it? So whose crazy? ::p:

    No but a atmosphere is the feeling you've got inside in a room or with a person, if you have a good atmosphere in a light coloured house, you feel a positive atmosphere.
    That's what I meant with atmospheres lol

    Frankly spoken I would like to say, good day! haha

    how are you super frank?

    Sascha the benidorm bastard
    My friend brought me a fruit muffin....fruit?!? The bapstard! I should have thrown it at her! Haha muffins are not meant to have fruit I have strong views on this. ....
    Kilskool is a cool name. Sounds like a punk band, to be honest, haha. It's too bad he didn't use it after the effort you went into making a logo and everything. :)
    I live in Warilla and my two band mates live in Coledale. The name of our band is Bistu. There's probably some songs floating around on YouTube if you care to look us up.

    We've almost always played in Sydney but our guitarist wants to venture out into Brisbane and Melbourne eventually. Maybe next year. I'm nervous about that.
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