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  • I'm sure some people have them as pets and let them out when they get too much to handle. :eek:

    Luckily, I doubt many survive these blistering cold New Jersey winters. :rolleyes:
    wrong page again. This thing is confusing sometimes. :D

    The snakes are pretty cool. You can handle them and they just slither along your arm or across your shoulders. Sometimes they go around the neck but they are not too strong yet.

    If they were venomous snakes forget it. I'm not getting within 50 yards of one of those. ::p:
    Maybe they were red-tailed hawks then. They're the most common, and should eat dead rats. ;)

    I'm not much of a snake guy, but I do admire those who are. And albino boas are pretty, so I wish him luck with his breeding. :D
    They were not turkey vultures I'm fairly certain. I've seen them before and these birds looked nothing like them. I assume they were hawks of some kind. They weren't circling like vultures would. They were meandering about like the hawk does.

    He has Boa's. 5 or 6 of them. He's planning on breeding them. He has a linage on all of them and he says that at least half of the offspring should be albino. From what he tells me they fetch a good amount of money.
    4 flying around? Are these big, black birds? Like this turkey vulture?
    My brother keeps some frozen rats in the freezer for his snakes, so I have plenty.

    I'm not sure what kind it is. I'm trying to get it to come close so I can get a picture.

    I've actually seen about 4 flying around on some occasions. I wonder if it's mating season. Now that would be a site to behold. ;)
    Hey Tiercel. I have another hawk question. If I were to set a frozen rat or something out on a platform out side do you think it would come down to eat it? Or will it only go after live food?
    Yeah, I've seen some videos of their concerts on Youtube and it's awesome, like when he sets himself on fire in Rammstein or when he cooks the keyboardist in Mein Teil :D
    Yeah, you forgot about Queen, shame on you ::p:

    I love those bands where you can say that everyone is one of the best "something" ever, like Queen, Led Zeppelin, Cream or The Who :D (all of them mentioned in my list :cool:)

    Oh, and Queen members are/were not only great musicians but also real hotties:

    Singers could be: Freddie Mercury (best.****ing.singer.ever :cool:), Robert Plant, Jim Morrison, Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Roger Daltrey, Eric Burdon or Ian Gillan.

    I could go to bassists, keyboardists or drummers, but I'm tired now XD

    I even had to split the message in 2 hahahah
    ... I think I love you ::p:

    As for my favourites I think I could say: AC/DC, Allman Brothers, Beatles, Black Sabbath (Dio and Ozzy are awesome solo too :p), Bob Dylan, Cream, David Bowie, The Doors, Guns n Roses, Iron Maiden, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Linkin Park, Metallica, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Queen, Radiohead, Rainbow, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rise Against, Rolling Stones, Stone Temple Pilots, System of a Down, Van Halen, Weezer, the Who... Yeah, I just opened iTunes and named my favourites in alphabetic order XD

    As for guitar players: Hendrix is God! (sorry Clapton :p), also love Page, Clapton himself, SRV, David Gilmour, Eddie Van Halen (so underrated) or Robbie Krieger (okay, not as good as the others but it bothers me how incredibly underrated he is XD).
    Hey, rock in the 80s also have balls
    Accept - Balls To The Wall - YouTube
    (is the video a bit comic or it's just me XD)

    Rainbow fan here. And Blackmore, and Dio, and Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath, and Elf... well yeah, a rock fan :D
    Greensleeves waving, madmen raving through the shattered night

    How long have you been using that signature and why I haven't checked its link before?! :D
    Sorry to hear you're getting sick. It's not a surprise considering you are the royal plague bearer. I've been fighting a cold for about 2 weeks now. Most colds have the decency to go away after a couple days but this one has bad manners all the way.

    As for the garden, I was fighting a battle against groundhogs all summer. My dog took care of most of them, but she left no survivors to tell the tale that an attack on my garden was a dangerous pursuit, so they just kept coming and eating.
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