How do you sleep?


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I usually fall asleep to the side, left side up. In the middle of the night I sometimes switch to the other side or if it hurts I switch to sleeping on my stomach (with my face towards the side I should be facing if it didn't hurt). Closer to the end of the night I sometimes sleep on my back, since it makes it more likely for me to have lucid dreams.

I used to sleep only to the sides. A few years ago I started having some problem on the right side of my bowels which was likely to hurt if I slept with the right side up, and sometimes I wouldn't even be able to move or get out of bed. So to avoid always sleeping to the same side, I started getting used to sleeping on my back and on my stomach.
Pitch black dark, with the fan on, one arm under the wifes head/ pillow and the other around her belly, her facing away from me, with the Windows open most of the time. No pajamas, just boxers. Just a thin blanket.
After me tossin' and turnin' tae git comfortable, ah usually sleep on ma right-hand side, then if ma neck starts gittin' sore, ah sleep on ma left-hand side.
I'm continually trying to find new comfortable positions and it's an hard challenge because every night my sleep is at the stakes due to my troubles to falling asleep
Just curious as to what position do you sleep in, i sleep on my back.

Most of the time, I sleep on my side.Sometimes on my back, and occasionally I'll sleep on my stomach. This made my doc. to recommend a pillow from with an aim of helping cure the recurrent pains. Trust me, within no time, all was well. With time, I've found myself start out on my back, but wake up multiple times during the night while flipping from one side to the other. There is a day I almost fell off the bed, hahaha.


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Often I fall to sleep absolutely exhausted. Like all the constant worry for years is wearing me out physically as well as mentally.


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I'm kind of jealous over people falling asleep on their backs.

I toss and turn all night, can only sleep on my side. Switch sides all night long.
Has anyone changed the way they sleep from when they were a child, to something different as an adult?

I used to only ever sleep on my stomach until the age of about 22, then only ever slept on both sides ever since.


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I sleep in the fetal position with the obligatory thumb in my mouth, lol. It is the usual sleeping position but I'm the normal type of guy. It is the only normal thing I feel that I do sometimes, gosh, lol. :)