How do you sleep?


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mainly on my side doesn't matter which way, often with a hand under the pilllow..oh unless it's cold then i sorta go into coffin type thing (holding the quilt with crossed arms if you get what i mean)
I sleep in a really bizarre U-shape sometimes, and when I had insomnia about a year ago, it was the only way I could possibly fall asleep.

I am a seriously violent sleeper, though. I fell out of my bed allllll the time when I was a kid. ::p:
I usually sleep on my side with my arms folded underneath my head, and I switch between laying on my left and right side throughout the night. I sometimes move onto my back when I'm sleeping, with my legs stretched out and my arms bent with my hands underneath the sides of my head.


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Lol, I sleep very husband and I can't afford a bed. We pulled a loveseat in from outside and we basically lay down with each others feet in our face.


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lol sometimes I think about it =P But to be fair the only one of either of us that kicks in their sleep is me, so he has to put up with more lol