How do you sleep?


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I do a spread-eagled position, as I know I need to keep my armpits open the whole night - I started doing that ever since I got ringworm in sweaty areas, some years ago. I just lie on my back, and wake up on my back. I try to sleep on my sides, but that's really uncomfortable. At least I can utilize the whole bed this way...


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On a water bed filled with nothing but the blood and tears of my enemies... mean sleeping position-wise?
On my stomach or side very much like the picture Graeme1988 posted.


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Usually on my back or (either) side. I can't fall asleep on my stomach, but will occasionally wake up in that position... uncomfortably so. I also usually need to have my head propped up a bit with pillows, as I have chronic sinusitis and having my head slightly elevated helps a bit.