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  • Yes Grape i just read It. Thank you very much :) i'll keep you informed, maybe i'll need you again haha :p

    Really, thank you.
    But anyways Im not gonna make a judgement call of the guy because I dont know him personally, Im just saying that everyone has things that they dislike, that they'd have to just compromise on and then theres things that are deal breakers. Those are the things that if you compromise on itll just make you unhappy. As for my GF shes fine. We usually try to meet each other halfway on everything so that there is no resentment. Also unless you have left your account open I dont see how anyone could find out you post here.
    Well I think it comes down to how important the relationship is to you and how big of a deal the vices are. Personally I couldnt mess with anyone that was doing drugs and not trying to get clean. Because one of my sisters dated a guy who smoked crack and he eventually got her to take and get hooked on it. Years later shes prostituting in town to make the money to feed their addiction. She did so much damage to her heart from not eating right or exercising and doing drugs, that she needed a transplant. But the hospital would not even consider putting her on the waiting list for a new heart until she was clean for a certain length of time. So she ended up dying in the hospital a few years ago. It all just spiraled so damn out of control.
    Dang I didnt see your reply, and its no problem :) You sound like a good person thats just been tangled up with all the wrong people to be honest. I like your avatar btw, I remember that movie as a kid.
    Hey Megaten,

    Thanks for giving me advice on this site. It does really mean alot to read outside your own mindscape you know, its good : )

    Yeah- its just getting in the little push and routiene to actually do it- in the midst of negativity hamster wheel, bdd and depression. I think it can be done.

    Hempseed protein. Which is also good for the mind I think?

    .I watched a video on youtube about a guy who overcame bdd and he couldnt express how much exercise even heavy exercise and sunshine helped him tremendously. Though I think just a bit would help.

    Thanks for caring - lets get motivated!
    Hey Grapevine. I think that exercise plan would definitely be good for your self esteem. Just make sure you get your protein and whatnot so your muscles dont waste away. Its really good for depression. I need to get into a routine myself but Im lazy lol.
    Hey Xervello,

    Yes we are in the exclusive 'Hermit' club.. where it is shown to be of great value with monks
    : )

    Hello to you too. Id love to hear your story-
    Fellow hermit here. Just wanted to thank you for sharing your story and to say hello. :)
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