How do you sleep?

I sleep without pillow and hate soft mattresses. I guess I mostly lay on my back before I fall asleep, if not I curl to the side. If I´m sick or can´t sleep at all I lay on my stomach. Or have to take pillow or sit up, as I did today because I felt strange with heart again, too much shouting and bullying from my father to take. I think I might die on hear attack if this doesn´t stop.
On my side, with lots of pillows under my head and at my side, so I lying half on pillows and half on the bed, and kind of half way between on my side and on my front... I sleep in a weird position! Or one that's hard to explain anyways :rolleyes:


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this is going to sound strange but sometimes the only way I can get to sleep is to lay on the top of my bed with my legs up against the wall. like an L shape. don't ask why just works for me..


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I sleep on my side. I switch sides occasionally before going to sleep. I used to sometimes go to sleep on my stomach when I was younger, but I can't do that any more.