Does anybody on here have zero real friends?


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Yes i have absolutely no friends and never have. :( I would like at least one person i could call a friend. I daydream and imagine what it would be like alot. anyone else do that?
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I have friends now but I had zero friends in the past.
Sometimes it is a matter of being surrounded with not-understanding people or people you don't 'connect' with on an intellectual or other level/s... Sometimes it's a matter of not finding ways to connect... Sometimes it may be a matter of being overly 'selective' (And expecting/demanding too much from a friendship, or different things than other people...) Or just not enough people in your life...

You're a beautiful girl so other people might see you as 'not interested' or 'haughty' if you might be just shy. Also what said above, some might feel threatened.

It surprises me you might have zero friends, hope you find some great new friends soon! Is there a club you can join or something?


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Like really no friends? I hear and read a lot about people who say they only have a few friends, or people who say they have some friends but they don't really connect etc. But I was wondering if anybody really had no friends like I do? I am really not lying when I say I have absolutely nobody I could consider a friend and I feel sort of weird for being, what seems to be, the only one who lives like that. Thoughts?
I had friends but have distanced myself from them figuratively and literally since I moved thousands of miles away. I have always been a natural loner and am not really that bothered by it. I can't really say I have anyone I consider a good friend. I consider most people now days as associates. I don't get too close to the and I don't let them get too close to me. I doubt that you are alone in your situation.


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I had a few friends when I went to school. Now that most of us are working, everyone goes their own way.
And I don't even mind, I'm not trying to stay in touch with them. Even though society says being a loner is a bad thing, I don't think so.
It's not a bad thing to see how idiotic this world is and not willing to be a part of it. I guess we're just smarter than everyone else. :) That's gotta be it. :)


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I have friends but due to sa i tend to stay away from most of them but chat on phone now and again or meet now and then but rarely. I take xanax now as a quick fix to get out more which boosts my confidence but its only temporary. xanax are really really addictive so there's the drawback in me getting a bit of life back for short amount of time.


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Well. I think close friends mean someone who will personally visit you and meet you socially and regarding that, I have no close friends. I have a lot of friction when I socialize because so many of my personal standards relate to personal fitness and health. Social drinking and 'enjoyment' doesn't normally have much restraint. So for several years there has been mostly silence between us but it has been working out well for me and guess what? Complaints that I rarely talk, all I think is that they bought it on themselves.
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I don't have any, no one I actually see in real life and talk to or go places with. It's been that way since just after school, when I had somehow managed to make a couple of friends. My old best friend is busy with his job and any spare time he has he spends it with his daughter and new girlfriend. Doubt we'll see each other again any time soon, but I wouldn't want to hang around with me either, if I had better things to do...


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I was just kidind/complementing because she is hot
do i have to racionalize this thru?

Sorry about my engligh I'm not a english dude.
LOL. No worries. This is the internet and I think when most of us see something like what you typed we automatically think there must be a story (right or wrong) behind it. Most of us have seen it happen before. Glad you were just kidding.