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  • I cant do anything about it, I'll pass on the problem to the webmaster (might take some time to be resolved)
    Me too - I dont think it is but its worth finding out.
    I think if its preventing you from working for 12 months or somethin' and your doctor can vouch for ya you'll be okay...
    Really not sure tho...

    Oh and if you've spent time in a psych unit [don't you dare!], you'll get it too!
    Battlefield bad company 2. Kinda like Modern warfare 2 but instead of getting killed by the same camping fecker. Make a hole in the wall and flank him or just knock the building to the ground. Super fun :)
    Thats cool that it isn't for a month. Hopefully have a car sorted so won't have to depend on the crappy bus service.
    You should get BC2 too, nothing like shooting randoms in the face :)
    I'd like to yes :) Gimme all the details and hopefully I can go. Can;t promise anything atm though.
    How ya keeping, read your exams are almost over. woo woo :)
    Ah he's grand.
    Lucky tho'!
    My bro was s'posed to go with him, imagine both of em fell off the bike?!
    Don't even wanna think about it...
    Ha my brothers hilarious -
    came up to me yesterday and was like
    "do you tell all your friends about me.... or am i just forgotten?!"
    He looked like he was gonna be very offended if i said no, bless him!
    Dont think im doin anything tomoro - might go shopping with money i dont have!
    How bout you... apart from college?
    Ohh yeh tomorrows monday - forgot about that!
    Lousy on ya!
    When do ya have college?

    Myself and the brother were feckin' planning to watch the movie tonight but the father was in a motorbike accident so he got the tv...
    You better - don't procrastinate and turn out the way i did!
    Nah not moving out tuesday - just packing.
    Oh don't remind me that I'm getting old - it hurts my soul!
    Ill be soooo depressed on my 22nd you've no idea!
    Ah my bro was tellin' me bout PS3 live today - i want it!!
    I cant say anything about getting work done, since i only got through my course and leavin' with practical stuff!
    Im gonna be moved out by next week. Gonna kill myself packing tuesday!
    Any plans yourself?
    Oh god thats fairly soon!
    Hopefully all goes well for ya anyway...
    Nahh did nothin' tonight - just hung around the house.
    Was insanely moody at everything earlier for no reason - dunno what was wrong with me at all!
    You get upta anythin'?
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