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  • Hey!
    I didn’t play it yet – I’ve been busy with university and I’m pushing myself not to buy it until I’m done with all my exams. I don’t have a good computer, so I’ll have to get it for xbox360. I’ve read amazing things about it. What’s your review on it? (Spoiler free please :D)
    Hello, thanks for the add : D
    Yeah I know what you mean, I'm feeling kinda depressed too hahah
    do you have msn?
    Yeah great song. :D
    I know you wouldn't ignore us. :D I absolutely love the chat with you ppl. :D
    Smooth Criminal! :D You started singing it last night when I wasnt talking! :p
    Btw i did go and get the dinner which is why i wasnt talking for a while, not coz i was ignoring you guys! :D
    The only good thing being I got to bed a decent time....shame i couldnt sleep!!
    Talk to you soon! :D
    Yeah it will help maybe only a little bit at a time but it will.
    I find writing down what i need to say first before i call helps
    At least you got spoken to! :)
    Work as in earna living work? :p What do you do?
    My grandad wants me to apply for a post but its cold calling but face to face....no thanks!
    Hey dot,
    I know its a bit early but i don't think ill get a chance to talk tonight.
    So how was your first day back?
    Also I have not kept track of sandybridge. I think I may purchase one in the near future if it has the performance almost of a x980.
    Aparantly the 6970 in xfire has an 80% gain in 5870 in xfire but, 1 card vs another they are piratically identical, I just want them there for the 6990. Also there is news that Nvidia are releasing a dual GPU gfx card with 3 120mm fans on it. (Dual fermi). Should be released in the upcoming spring. God I just can't keep up with all these updates.
    I has 3x 6970's.....May sell one and get a 6990 when they come out. But for the moment, they are amazing. I will post some screenshots soon.
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