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  • Last cake I made was just a basic sponge with fresh cream and strawberries. I might make a coffee cake today. Like you a modify the recipes, sometimes I have stuck rigidly to the recipe but it usually ends up a complete failure!
    Thats my pet rat in the photo. Her name was Bambi. She passed away a few days ago but she was very old and I think I had given her a good life. I love animals. Do you have any pets?
    Thats interesting.I have heard a few women say that in regards to their partners cooking mainly.I enjoy cooking and baking.

    What did the cake you baked recently taste.I tend to motify the baking recipes in books
    by adding and remove ingredients for health and taste reasons.

    Im curious.Why is there a pic of a mouse in your gallery.
    Appartenly some people consider the curry to be the British national dish.I tend to add curry powder and spices to most things I cook.What would the world of food be like without spices and herbs.Dull and bland.I cook reguraly.

    Do you have any favourite herbs and spices.
    Welcome to SPW! I really like your avatar pic. The fairy holding the... okay, my three guesses were 1) rat. 2) cat. 3) mythical fairy pet. Or am I completely clueless? In this particular case, not just in general.
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