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  • I am doing awesome. The Lord has truly blessed me and He still is! :)

    I am just thankful for all that I have and for being alive!! :-D

    Thanks for asking how I am doing. ^_^
    agree, we reap what we sow. I started to get out more with my bike. I am still trying to master riding it in traffic . How have things been for you ?
    Thanks OceanMist. I sometime thank that their is bad and good Karma going on in my life. Do you believe in Karma ?
    Your truthfully frank comment on my thread actually made me laugh, so I had to thank you a little more personally for that. So, thanks.
    Yeah, I have good parents and a nice dog. My hobbies are alright.

    That's exactly it, though. Those things aren't enough for us humans. We need more (friends or g/f). We need personal relationships besides animals or direct family. We need something outside our family, pets and hobbies.
    If you look at your life right now, is there anything you feel grateful for? I mean is there something positive happening in your life? Do you have nice parents? Any pets? good hobby?
    Facebook is a site where people can wear a mask. The mask that hides their problems. I appreciate your input.

    I will say that I think Facebook is a great site for outgoing people, because it's a simple way to see what their friends are thinking and doing. For me, it's pointless right now.
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