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  • spending less time online is on my list of things to do
    we finally have snow here
    but, of course, it also means it's *burrr* very cold
    so staying inside huddled over my laptop seems like a nice alternative
    Sorry for not replying for a while. Yeah, Freddie was amazing. I love that his stage persona was so different from Freddie off the stage.
    hey... sorry haven't been on here for a long time. Good guess I'm 27. What part of Canada are you from?
    aha google actually. I was looking at celexa and its possible connections to nervous system disorders.
    Thankyou for the suggestion.
    I've never been outside of Ontario and leaving to move away would mean I'd be homeless until the disability went through... there's many factors, actually- and as I am; my mom wouldn't let me leave her sight.
    Hello Ms Cloud. Just visiting your page spreading some goodness. :) Thank you for being part of SPW :)
    I apologize for offending you the other night. If it means anything, what you think I said was not what I meant to say. I absolutely did not mean to say that the hurt a woman must feel after being rejected is trivial.

    This is the internet; misunderstandings happen. I miss understood you; you misunderstood me. I'd prefer that we get to the bottom of our misunderstandings, rather than run away from them. Would you not agree?
    Thank you for your kind words. It's really nice to feel understood!

    (It may have been my imagination, but you seemed to allude to other conversations we'd had, which was lovely.)

    Sometimes I feel safe. Sometimes I panic that I've alienated everyone. But sometimes safe, which is a rare and precious thing.

    I hope the safety lasts for you too. I'll miss you if you disappear.
    i buy this at the grocery store: Kefir

    i've never made my own - sounds interesting

    yes, i try to buy very little that comes in a box or can - i keep meaning to subscribe to a weekly/monthly CSA package - next year for sure!
    the raw diet is mostly vegan - not raw meats, although there are some people who do that. i do like raw fish (sushi and ceviche)

    i haven't gotten to the point where i'm eating 100% raw - probably never will - but the more of my diet that i can keep unprocessed, the better

    would you believe i'm actually drinking some kefir as i type this?
    This genre of woodblock printing was popular in Japan during the 18th & 19th centuries, and its name translates to "pictures of the floating world."

    (please remember to phrase your answer in the form of a question)
    > Basically there should be a sub-forum here for loners, hermits, misanthropes,
    > social outcasts and anyone who generally does not fit in anywhere, online or
    > IRL. Social anxiety or shyness is not enough to describe people like us.

    I feel like this. I'm not just shy, I'm a mess. It'd be lovely to find a place where I can be a mess and not feel judged for it.
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