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    best way to talk to her about this

    i have a "friend" and i use that term losely, as we never hang out etc but we known each other years and she calls me her best friend for some reason. we really only talk on FB or via phone 1x a month. anyway she is living at home with her folks and nephew and sister. her sister has a manager...
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    How can I push myself more?

    All my life I have struggled with follow through and persistance. I have so many great ideas of things I'd love to do in life but then it gets too hard or weird and I walk away.... part of it, is I've never had a support system. I always have felt so alone and clueless and part of it is all my...
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    Starbucks or Caribou?

    Which do you prefer and whats your drink of choice? I usually go to Caribou and get some type of smoothie or soy hot cocoa if its winter...
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    Do you agree with this?

    Now I am not even a fan of psycis, i didnt even go looking for it, i googled something else and landed here, anyway... read the main paragraph on the link. do you agree with that or not? how you and someone else feel mutual connections? Keen: Psychic Readings PsychicAndrew The Romance Psychic ...
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    Saying "I'm Busy"

    Does this always mean you are annoying/bothering someone if they say this to you? I am not just meaning as in dating etc but also in friends/family.... or are people legit busy sometimes? How can you tell if its a blow off or your annoying them or they are really busy?
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    Its nearly 2013

    Just a bit over 2 months left of the year... I always get depressed on NYE, just reminds me of my failures in the last year. I have a REALLY hard time trying to see the good. Espeically when the bad seems to effect me more. So yes, I lost alot of friends and I am super lonely these days but...
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    Christmas 2012 wishes

    What is everyone asking for/hoping for this holiday season?
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    We got snow here today!!! (Minnesota) Some parts of my state have measurable amounts, luckily we only have it mixed with rain and its not sticking. So its not the first "official" snow fall for us yet but its nearing.... I usually like it, since I have huskies but, I also hate it because I hate...
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    So if you TRUST someone... what exactly does that mean? I mean.... do you just tell random joes or people you hardly know personal things about your life, your work, your family etc? or is that only for people you trust? I am a bit confused on something so just getting some feedback. Thanks
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    Do people with Avoidant personality have any friends?

    I am trying to understand this "issue" a bit more...I think the person I tried to befriend who got "upset" with me for calling him a friend may have this. However, he has two close friends. So every site I see basically says people with APD have 0 close friends.... so is that true or can you...
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    I am a quitter... :( Can I fix it?

    For many years of my life I have "quit" things I set out to do, wether out of fear or family making me feel bad. I have a 0 support system which makes things worse. I feel like its pointless to do anything when no one cares or thinks I can. Right out of HS I went into therapy for bad...
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    Anyone else like these shows?

    I am not big into tv, I prefer movies anyday However there is THREE shows I love and never miss "the office", "raising hope" and "the mentalist" Anyone like any of them? would be nice to have someone or someones to "chat" with about them
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    I need to know if I was wrong

    Hi. First...I know I posted about this before... and you can read that thread too if you want... I am not trying to OBSESS over this... but I usually do over everything anyway and since we had our misunderstanding but now are on our way to "talking" again, with simple greetings, I feel I may...
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    How to stop these obsessive thoughts

    I don't mean like wanting to harm anyone or anything but I just over-think about EVERYTHING little when it comes to certain things. It drives me crazy and I do my best to rid of it and "just go with it" when moments come but then I get home, and rethink everything and wonder...again, how can I...
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    Meet my best friends

    They are therapy dogs as well, and help kids with reading issues and visit elderly in homes.... of course, they are mostly therapy for me :)