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    Here is what Ive been up to musically

    Im not entirely sure when I stopped coming to this site. It must have been September 2012… Or somewhere around there. Im not sure either if I posted any of my music here before I left. If I did, I apologize for repeating myself. Back in April 2012, I fell in the bathroom before taking a...
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    I'm baaaaaaaaack, watch out!

    I'm really nervous about posting on here again. I don't know if any of you remember the lonely drummer but it is me and I decided to come back and see how things have been going with everyone. It's been quite a while, probably about 2 years. A lot has happened! My battle with SA has been an...
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    My Album - Electric Version

    Howdy y'all! Well, lately Ive been writing and recording like crazy. I have two albums in the works right now, a very chill soothing acoustic album and a full electric, fully fuzzed out rocking album. I just finished mixing the opening track the electric album. It is a 2 minute instrumental...
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    You may not see me on here anymore come October, I'm gonna become free

    Howdy everybody. I normally don't start threads on here but this one seems worthy enough to post. I am changing my life. I am going to enjoy the basics of life, the beauty of life and nature. I am going to live an adventurous life, living day to day not knowing what will come the next day...
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    Hey guys, check this out and let me know what you think

    Hair Loss Treatment? Use Trioxinator with our Hair Treatment Experts Advice Hey guys!! I was just checking this site out for this product to help stop hair loss. Ive been slowly balding since I was 16 and just hoping if anyone has heard of this product and if it actually works. It seems...
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    Shy Metalheads??? Am I the only one?

    Hey everyone! Just seeing if there are any fellow metalheads out there. I don't classify myself strictly as a metalhead, I am me who happens to enjoy random metal bands along with liking almost every other genre. So post your favourite metal band or song. Im gonna start with one of my all...
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    Enter the mysterious mind of the crazed wizard. And bring along ye lone imagination!

    Hey everyone! I've noticed a lot of people doing journals and thought to myself, hey that could help. I recall about a year ago I saw an old friend who was recently enlightened. We had a conversation about writing and how I thought I was a horrible writer. He just said, wake up and before...
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    Mac Vs PC

    Mac Vs PC, who's got what?? I have an iMac, recently switched from PC and will never go back!!
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    Nightmares anyone??

    Does anyone here suffer from reoccurring nightmares? I sure do. I was in a really bad car accident about 4 1/2 years ago. I was in the backseat when my friend was going 100km/h in a 50 zone, he swerved into oncoming traffic and we hit another car head on. I remember blacking out right before...
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    Post what you cannot say

    I sleep in so I can dream of you. Your laugh, your scent, your smile all remind me that I can be happy. I've never known anyone like you
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    Great day turned into well not so great

    Hey everyone, haven't wrote in here in a while and whenever things seem to be getting hard I always find myself typing www.soci..... So yeah if you don't know me well I recently just came back into society after spending a long time in the wilderness and traveling spending a good 95% of my time...
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    Hi, I'm back after over a year...

    Hi everyone. I'm Cody, I don't know if u guys remember me. I was a frequent user over a year ago. I suffered social anxiety and began really trying to cure myself. I went to Svalbard, a northern Norwegian island with a random group of people. I then decided after I came back to simply...
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    do you find you get sick easily?

    I don't know about you, but I find that since I'm always so anxious and stressed out, it effects my immune system and I get sick from like nothing. I know that stress can effect your body on a number of different levels. But if there's a sudden drop in temperature or one of my friends get sick...
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    The Venus Project

    Hey everyone. I've just been getting into The Venus Project lately and was just wondering if any of you have heard about it and have opinions about it? If you haven't heard of it check out The Venus Project and watch the Zeitgeist movies. It would be cool to hear your opinions
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    I Survived!!!!!

    Howdy folks, just got back from a one month adventure to Svalbard Norway. I made it both a mental and physical test to myself. I decided to join a completely random group of 10 others to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Physically it was straining but mentally it was even more...