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  • It's not much, I'm already used to this. That's how it has been in the past 5 semesters. Yesterday I started studying 30 minutes a day, at the the end of the week I'll increase another 30 minutes. Then by the end of the next week I'll increase another 30 minutes and so on, until I reach 3 hours a day (which should be in a month).

    The studying isn't bothering me much, what's making me feel down is everything else: no mental strength to talk to a girl and lack of things to do during the afternoon. I don't want to spend my afternoons listening to music, watching TV and browsing forums on the internet, I want to do something else. I just don't know what.
    Hi, thanks for the message :)
    Right now I don't feel like studying because the tests still seem pretty far away. In April I'll have one every Friday. The subjects are Economics of the Environment, European and Portuguese Economy, Projects Evaluation and History of Economic Thought. I also have two other subjects (Corporate Finance and Innovation Economics) but I'm not going to the tests, since the first requires a group project that gives a lot of work and the other has what I consider to be unfair conditions; instead I'll be doing them by exam in June (instead of two tests + project for the first or three tests for the second).
    hey. i can't reply to your PM unless you delete some of your private messages. :p
    I actually just did it...talked to my teacher about my 'road bumps' in his class and he had a few suggestions that helped me. Once I calmed down enough to apply them, doing the assignments became much easier - amazing how I get so worked up and in the end it's not that big of a deal...I guess I was making too much out of it. "Oh Anxiety/fear/dread...thou art a heartless bitch"
    I'm glad to hear you are able to get more done as well!! Procrastination, coupled with fear and anxiety just stops one dead in their tracks, huh? Keep it up :)
    Hey Lamb,
    I'm doing ok, thanks for asking :)
    School is actually going MUCH smoother since I have calmed down and talked to the teacher, so I am happy about that :)
    How have you been doing?
    Hi Lamb, is nice to hear you have ambitions, as well as your friend. Maybe I may not be the right person to give an advice on the subject, but medicine is a dream of yours go for it. Your friend as well, maybe things will be different for you and you'll have success. Don't let fear win you over. Even when you feel like drowning with fear, don't let the take over. Worst thing that can't happen is someone saying no to you or not doing things right. But that's the purpose of being a student... LEARNING! Is okay to make mistakes along the way, and you'll learn from them. I'm trying to confront mine because I really want to be a doctor. I don't know if I'll accomplish my dreams but I'm trying to get there and you guys should do the same. Feel free to talk to me of you see me online :)
    Hi. Not much. Haven't been online as much as i feel like i need to take a break from everything. I hope everything's well with you.
    oh thats ok, no need to appologise, but how come you're trying to spend less time on here? thought you were one of the more regular posters on here, i guess this place can get you down if you spend too much time here...i never used to come here much but lately i have been for some reason. reading novels is probably the only thing im against the idea of in general i guess lol ahh can't think right now
    hey little lamb, i was lonely so i thought i'd pester you..looks like i've got some work comming up this week so yay for me, still open to suggestions for things to do though as it probably wont be till after wednesday that the work will come in. went fishing to pass the time today, that killed a few hours even though no fish were caught...hmmm..what to do next *switches the mic over to you*
    ahh i see, it works like a facebook type wonder i didn't follow, i dont use facebook much, it just depresses me. well i will know where to come for any web related problems hey, you seem to know ya stuff:)
    I think I've always had SA ever since childhood. But the PTSD made the SA even worse.
    PTSD differs from SA in that PTSD can result in fear towards anything, even inanimate objects. But SA is specifically fear of people.
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