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  • Haha yep, my avatar is my sister's kitten, although she's much bigger now :p And then I have a big white cat who's 6 and I got him as a kitten, and then my mom and sister each have another cat :D we're cat freaks in my family haha. How about you? Any pets?
    Lol oh mane, I meant to say falling asleep to the sound the rain makes when hitting the roof... I definitely DON'T go on the roof, nor do I have plans to in the near future lol :D
    Hi there :) Well I started a college course a few weeks ago, so I'm feeling kind of stressed out at the moment. But I've bought a few chocolate bars, so that should hopefully make me feel better :) Oh and thanx for the add, LazyHermitCrab, I appreciate it :thumbup: I hope things are going well for you.
    Oh yeah there is! I go to work in a kangaroo's pouch :) Do have bears or anything like that near you? I like bears - so fluffy and cuddly :)
    Cool a Star Wars marathon! :) I bring my DVDs over but you're probably on the other side of the world I'm guessing ;)
    Which one did you see? There's 6. Episodes 4 - 6 are the original old ones, then 1 - 3 are the more recent ones :)
    Hi there. In response to your question, I don't like to think I do much as far as leisure goes due to my social anxiety. If I had to seperate the two, ideally- being outdoors/hiking, listening to music/watching live bands, researching whatever I find interesting at the moment, photography, reading, and that pretty much covers it as far as fun goes. If I have people to go out with we'll explore. and yourself?
    At least with family parties you know the guesses I suppose.In theory that might make it easier and it may cause less anxiety.Was that the case or not.At the moment Im reading a book by Terry Pratchettt called Unseen Academicals.Im really enjoying reading it.Its very funny at times and it deals with themes like belonging,class even though its a fantasy book.The story has depth and layers.Do you do much reading and what films do you like?
    There's nothing wrong with being guarded. I'm quiet too but once people get to know me they can hardly shut me up...I love that icon (Danboard), I totally relate to it! Hmmmm, anything interesting. Well, being laid off, my life is consistently dull. I spent this evening tutoring my 7yr old nephew. But, I'm hoping to get in shape and take a more active role in my life.
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