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  • In general I am a very friendly person. I don't like being that way. But, sometimes my abrasive side comes out. But I am more mild mannered-usually. I hope next week is a more pleasant one for us both! I am going to try to add a college course....anxietyville!
    I've been like this for a little over a week. Grumbling obscenities under my breath. I'm practically talking in another language. I was waiting for my car to be fixed in an empty room with lots of seats and some guy had to sit one seat away from me. I ended up mumbling not too softly some choice words how I felt about the situation. It was a WTF moment! I'm a human cactus right now. :(
    I've been in a pretty foul mood. Very irritable. "Can everyone just STFU?".....I feel bad about it, but everyone around me seems to be getting on my bad side. A deserted island with a beautiful beach sounds nice right now.
    Kittens are adorable! I was actually referring to the other avatar with the teeth. But, I like the whole concept of sticking your middle finger at the whole world.
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