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    Did you hear about this in the news?

    Black Range Rover runs over bikers in NYC (Original) HD - YouTube It's such a random, disturbing occurrence it's been weighing on my mind all day. Everyone at work was talking about it. I've been feeling a general heavy sadness in the back of my mind about the situation, though I'm glad the...
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    How do you give yourself "self-love"?

    Just wondering the ways in which each of you provide this for yourself. I notice I've never done this and it's starting to affect all aspects of my life.
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    Currently can't get into taxi cabs

    Buses and trains are an option of transportation in my area. On random weekends, the trains are shut down or not making all stops, so a shuttle bus is put in place. Because it is the weekend and more people are prone to being out, the ability to get into a shuttle bus requires some muscle, and...
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    A medical diagnosis after years of insecurity

    Hello everyone, I'm so over the moon I had to make a separate post about this. For years I've dealt with excessive body hair, which destroyed my self-esteem and created a lot of mental torment, not to mention bullying. I was never convinced this was just due to genetics, or that it was...
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday to me. I'm starting off the early hours of morning with no sleep (due to an SSRI) and an ice cream sandwhich (I want ice-cream, don't judge :p). Usually when it rolls around, I start to feel guilty or depressed because I go into reflective mode over my life. So, I may or may not...
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    Relationships: How often would you want to see your intimate other?

    Realistically speaking, how often would you expect to spend time with your girlfriend/boyfriend within the given time frame of a week? (ex: 2 days, 3, etc.) To those of you not in a relationship, the question still applies. I'm more interested in male user answers, but ladies are welcome too...
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    Death in the family

    Good Morning everyone. Just received news that my grandfather passed away last night from heart failure after a surgery. My mother is tough.. a fighter. I don't know if she's been crying. My dad is a pretty emotional person and it aggravates me sometimes, lol. I fear he's going to drag her into...
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    Doctors are pushing my buttons (rant)

    Very upset and disheveled. It felt like a long but slow day due to a doctor appointment. I realize this feeling is a result of anxiety and sensitivity, which makes me feel even more like a baby whining. Need to get it off my chest. For starters, I was late to an appointment with a new doctor...
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    Nervous Lambs

    I am on edge about everything tonight. Slept the whole day and will be heading back to bed soon. Can't shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen and little by little, I will lose good things in my life. Guess this is what generalized anxiety feels like. Trying to do other things at...
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    How do you come to terms with feeling unattractive?

    I was browsing through some old photos of mine. It's no wonder I was bullied, I was hideous looking. It makes sense, was a big cause of SA. I'm aware looks aren't everything, but it has stuck with me for a long time. I do feel I've improved appearance wise since I was a teenager, but am still...
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    Where the bleep is everyone?

    :alone: Hellooo, is anybody out there? This place has felt empty lately. Did people decide to take a vacation without notifying me it the was cool thing to do? Well, feel free to drop in, let me know what you're up to. :popcorn: I feel all alone in cyber space, similar to the Gecko. The...
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    Can bullying cause PTSD?

    A couple of months ago I had a visit to a public mental health clinic. I was given an evaluation and was told I'd receive a call to schduele therapy. A storm hit which caused the hospital to shut down for quite some time. Never had a followup. As of recent they called me back. I requested a copy...
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    Catcalling and sounds

    So, I went out very early in the morning and took a risk trying to help a boyfriend get his sh*tfaced drunk girlfriend into their apartment. After about an hour of listening to her ramble and dealing with her screams and fights we succeed. I feel good because I helped, and I guess no SA is...
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    Steps to take when planning to move out?

    I figured some more experienced older members may be able to provide some good tips. Aside from making sure you have the money, what other steps should you take when trying to find your first place? (an apartment) and perhaps you can share some stories to make me feel comfortable..or not so...
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    Sensory Overloads

    Never thought that I might deal with this. Someone suggested that if I were able to manage my anxiety better this would reduce as well. I get overwhelmed easily and this is a big cause for lack of focus, or so I think? A couple of things: I don't like being touched. Whether that's a handshake...