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  • (Per your post). Can we just skip to the ice cream? I'm more of an eater than a fighter. But, you can take a few jabs at my stomach, I'm trying to flatten it out anyway. :)
    Thanks for the video. The thought of being Bipolar scares me. But, I need to know the truth. 10 minutes into the video and I see a lot of myself........oh boy.
    You helped too :) . I'm watching her other videos now. Check out my newest thread (That's soo unattractive), love to hear your opinion on it.
    I noticed that I got better if I took a 20 minute nap at around 2pm. But usually at that time I'm not sleepy enough to take one. I feel sleepy enough at around 5 or 6pm, but then I sleep for 2 hours, and still wake up really tired.

    In this last week though I realised that I can get more energy even if I take a nap at 5pm. It just has to be 20 minutes though, and not more. I find it really hard to force myself back up (I just feel like sleeping more), but after a few minutes it feels much better.

    About the hoop, I thought about it before and I was thinking of getting one but it has to be the full set (not just the backboard) because I don't have any place to put a backboard on. The full set is too expensive and I have nowhere to store it.
    Oh no..I am not hair color savvy tbh but I can cut my hair now :) The color will be the next project.
    thank you :) I think I have a thing for monkeys, orangutans, etc...he reminds me of the statue, the "thinker" ... as I am always thinking!
    I think right now the only thing I really want to do is play basketball. I can't find any place nearby where I can play though, the closest place takes me 40 minutes to get there (and I'm not even sure I can still play there).
    Apart from that I would like to do something that gets me out of my desk but that isn't very tiresome (like basketball), but I don't really know what sort of thing I could do. I want to learn japanese (already learned some of the basics) but I always feel braindead in the afternoon.
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