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  • Hey! It got me through a tough spot but I have a lot more hardship on the horizon. I contacted my therapist and Psychiatrist and will be meeting with both soon. If needed, I'll add another medication. That being said, I'm close to my ideal weight (finally!) and I'm tackling a lot of tough issues.
    Anything new on your end?
    Your comments mean a lot to me too. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. As for me, I've been doing alright. A few weeks ago I started taking Effexor and I think that helped prevent another deep depression. I'm not on dry land yet but my head is above water. :)
    Luckily, I'm not near any of the fires. I'm doing okay but car problems are really stressing me out!! I also discontinued my internet service to save money but now I have to go out. When I have time, I'll have to share the details of my latest Psych visit...I don't know, I feel stressed out, disillusioned and confused-But, I'm still trying! Talk soon.
    Things are okay. I met with a Psychiatrist for the first time. She insisted that I take Clomipramine. I'm against taking medication but maybe it will help. She's also going to get me into therapy, which I really DO NEED. So, I'll play ball and see if this medication works.
    Opaline wrote on a post she thought I was Hispanic. I told her I thought you were a Chinese woman (lol). I think it was the whole SIL thing-I just imagined a chinese family.
    Anyway, hope you're having a good day.
    Hi Cowboyup, it's nice to meet you as well :) I really like your username. I just wish I'd given more thought to my username. I kind of chose it on a whim really. I should have picked a name that defines me as a person. A sort of name that conveys my hopes and dreams. I just don't know how I can convey winning the lottery and marrying a supermodel into a username. Anyway, thanks for stopping by.
    There's no doubt neuro-chemistry is a big part of it. I though about taking Gaba supplements, some of them can be dangerous. The only one that looks promising so far is L-Theanine. I haven't heard anything negative like tolerance or withdrawals.
    Don't know anything about Picamilion. I'll have to do some research.
    A few hours ago, I was really screwed up. I felt like I was going to hyperventilate. Had those feelings been combined with rage, I could have done something to myself...But, I tried to relax. I decided to go to the store and buy lots of fruits and vegetables.
    The odd thing was, when I went out, I started to feel confident. It's like my brain chemistry readjusted. I confidently looked around, women for some reason seemed to be especially nice to me today...felt good.
    That proves to me, a lot of what we're going through is chemically based. Not that w'ere completely helpless but it does play a big role.
    I read your comment on Lamb's page. I'm constantly paralyzed (such a fitting word!) by anxiety, fear and dread. I feel impending doom. The future seems so bleak the world so cruel. Why try?......I'm too paralyzed to move.
    The only time I do move is when the terrible wave comes crashing down on me tossing me around like a discarded (need something poetic here) bottle (so much for poetic). Sigh..................
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