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  • I guess there can be some positives out of the whole experience, although they may be hiding behind the negatives at the moment. :giggle: No matter, thanks for the thoughts and well-wishes, Lamb. It's greatly appreciated and accepted! :D
    Thanks for that link, Lamb. I read the replies and some do say that there are no positives to be found. My mum took her out today and she didn't recognise the nursing home and started speaking Hungarian. That's certainly not a positive. Maybe she'll retreat to being a caring person, but it's looking unlikely.

    I don't believe she has too long to go at the moment, but hey, maybe I'm wrong and she'll live carefree and happy.

    Hope you're well, too, Lamb. :)
    Woah thank you :blushing:
    After such compliment I'm going to be scared to post in case it's stupid and pointless haha :D
    Thank you, Lamb. I appreciate your support. ;3

    We've been to the vet very recently, but there's nothing more that they can do for her. The reason she isn't eating is because the issue is literally in her stomach, so they weren't sure if a stimulant would be enough to convince her. I figured we'd give her a regular pain killer (Metacam) to see whether less pain would get her to eat, but in combination with the other medicine it wouldn't be smart, she can barely stand as it is, so I'm not comfortable drugging her up more than I have to.

    We did found out she'll eat little bits of chicken, and while it is nowhere near enough, I'm hoping the tiny amount of calories and rest will sustain her long enough for the medicine to take effect. It's a dire situation, but no quite yet entirely hopeless.
    Hi Lamb. I read your post regarding finding an answer for your health concerns and it kind of inspired me to make more of an effort to improve my health through exercise. Hope you are well and still following your goal to move out of home
    Hey, thank you for your concern. She didn't try to talk to me so I gave up..not a biggy, i'm sure everythin will end up just fine. How are you doing lately?
    I have taught the old dog a few new tricks actually, but even Caesar Mulan would consider her a "red zone" :( How is your bunny?
    First of all, many thanks for your kind reply! :) I was to glad to see to someone cares enought to respond,
    Second, I think you are right..I will give her a couple of days to send a message,,if she won't, well, I guess she is just not interested..
    about the dog...she's a chow mix-mostly chow with a pretty bad past...I hate that I cannot get along w/her!
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