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  • I see,, I hope that you can cope with all that,, please take care :)

    Yes I have been here in Denmark since July,, things are going okay, but could go better tho,, kinda hard keeping up with everything in school, especially when my studies are in a language that Im not that great in haha,, but I will manage, I hope :)
    Hey Miss Angel,, it has beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen reallly loooooong since I have heard something from you.
    I hope that you're doing good :)
    ohh noo, I'm sorry to hear :( I hope you're doing good tho,, you will get it on second try, Im sure of it : )

    well I just have to find a room or a apartment over there now, still need to buy a ticket.
    It's kind much things to do now, we sold our apartment here so I have to move to a new place here and then move out to Denmark :P

    Best wishes :)
    Hey,, how are you Angel, I haven't heard from you for a while,, don't know if you have received my messages but I hope you are doing good with everything : )
    Hi there. Wanted to say I read your post in the no job or school thread regarding your biology degree and medical school. Once read, I actually told my mate to read it as well. He's dealing with similar fears (same desire) and the med route is a path I'd like to attempt. It stressed me out for you, as those are concerns I believe I'd have as well. I mean, I feel incompetent now and haven't even started that process. Anyway, if you'd ever like to talk or vent feel free to drop me a note.
    How was your best-friends wedding last time? I'm sure you handled it pretty well. Good luck with studying by the way.
    Lol where do i start,i guess i just wanted to talk with like minded people,the day i found out i wasnt alone was so relieving,i mean i wldnt wish this disorder on my worst enemy but u know wat i mean
    hey that so nice of u....i had left a few messages wishing u gud morning n hello messages on the chat interface...but i knew u were offline.
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