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  • Thanks Xervello, sorry i've posted this here by mistake instead of at the new members welcome section!
    Hi.Im not familar with the poems you mentioned so I looked them up online.I use a couple of online poetry sites that have poetry databases such as allpoetry.com and poemhunter.The Dylan Thomas poem was powerful and the Paths poem made me think.I also like poems I can relate to.

    I tend to perfer rhyming poems though such as the following.

    If by R Kipling,Song of the lower classes by Ernst Jones,Not those Those that soar by Paul Laurance Dunbar,Leisure by WH Davis.
    Hi.I really like poetry and read it on a weekly basis.Do you have any favourite poems or at lest ones you read again again
    I read the title and was hoping it wasn't my thread but there my name was. I was venting and I even refuse to read the replies because I know I was out of line and I still can be. I'm just totally messed up and didn't care. I don't know how to think anymore so instead of going to the post your random thoughts thread I made a thread.
    Hey, thanks! I've been browsing on and off on this site for almost 4 years XD
    Hi there, yes it's a rat. I adore rats...which is just as well as I have nine of them at the moment. :D
    Thanks for the welcome, Xervello! I enjoyed reading everyone else's responses to your thread. The fact these sort of questionnaires allow you to get to know people without directly talking to them appeals to my inner voyeur. :giggle:
    Let me look around hmmm... :)

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