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  • Hey you, just thought I would say hello and see how you were doing. I was put on klonipin and seem to be doing much better. Are you still having "fun"? I enjoyed our conversations.
    Agorafobia is a very hard issue. When I wasn't being treated in my disorder I had some similar to agorafobia for 7 years.
    What subforum do you use to be?
    Thank you!
    I wouldn't consider myself new. I wasted a little time here.
    In the AvPD forum. Are you an avoidant?
    Meeky! Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeky! Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeky! That's all I have to say really. That and I miss chatting to ya! :)
    Hey~ Sorry I missed your IM, my phone is a butthead and doesn't let me see or respond to them >_< Hope everything is cool with you and stuff! :)
    Hi.Im a big fan of animals and plants.They give me alot of pleasure and are relatively uncomplicated compared to people.They are alot easier to work out and in the case of plants you get no mind games,deception etc.The motivations,emotions etc of alot of animals are more basic and striaght forward and I like that.

    Do you like the nuances, flexibility,structure of languages such as spoken and written English
    Okay.Speech therapy is a worthwhile job.Actually I have a mild stutter and I have seen a speech therapist in in the past.Im betting quite a few of the swear words are anglo saxon and old english origins .One of the biggest exports from Britain has been the english language and unfortunety in some ways that includes profanity.But I guess most people swear at times.

    What things have you learnt recently.
    Hi.You mentioned studying linguistics on your profile.Do you mind telling me more about it.Does it involve communication? It got me feeling quite curious since I did not know what it was.
    Hi, mismeek. How are you been? I'm doing well. Trying to stay positive and that usually helps.
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