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  • Hey Shenmue:) Well, I am about to start study again next week. Nervous as hell :bigsmile: How is life treating you at the moment?
    I read ur pm's in my email but unfortunately I can't access my pm's on here at the moment so I will reply to you ummm well sometime before the 50 years you predicted haha. :p
    Hey, *wave* nice of you to stop by awhile back. I've been working a lot. Hope you are doin' well, :)
    Aww thanks haha. Well you don't come across as insincere to me and you definitely lift my spirits! :)
    Hey, thanks :) I actually know a person who uses the phrase, "cowboyup" -- as in "oh cowboyup, it's gonna get better" ... I adopted it, lol
    I'm actually a girl, so I suppose I should have made it, hindsight is 20/20.
    I like your username! It's unique and that is what makes You, YOU :)
    see ya on the discussions!
    Hiya no worries ~and thank you! :D I don't know why but it's very nice to get a friend request lol :) You have a good day now.
    Is that an M&M? If so he looks remarkably happy for someone whose sole purpose is to be devoured.
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