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  • No need to warn me. I am just pretending I'm talking with an awesome pirate :)

    I'm South American. Hablo español like a boss!
    Confused? oh hell no! This is awesome :bigsmile:

    I want to speak like that too, give me some of that magic.
    I must say, I do like the way you write your posts in your Scottish accent. I enjoy reading them Graeme. It adds flavour to the forum.:perfect:
    wish you & I could drink a few brews today. Dang, someone outside my window is barbecuing right now!

    You should take a photo or two of your Scottish neighborhood and post them in an album. :)
    I sure can relate to feeling depressed, because my mood goes up and down, way down, as it has been doing for many years. I try to remind myself that my mood always gets better at some point. And that there must be a purpose with being alive, all though it feels pointless most of the time.
    Cool anecdote, you got to see those 2 legendary bands in one day.
    I would give my left AND right mitten :ironicsmile: see Dinosaur Jr live.
    Hi, how are you? I finally bought the guitar, I didn´t get the Squier jag as I had planned, I got a Squier jazzmaster, and it is really really good! I´m so happy now..
    Oh and its signed by J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr, one of my favorite bands..
    Hi.Appoligizes for being slow to respond.A few years ago I use to be a big comic book( graphic novel) reader.I still read them from time to time.Some of my favourite characters are Spiderman,Ironman,the modern Thor,Nick Fury (the black one).Spiderman has a good sense of humour which is one of the things
    about the character that I really like.Thor has the power of God and I like the fact the mythology element that comes with the character.Asgard,magic etc.Nick Fury and SHIELD are interesting.I like the fact that Tony Stark wears armor that gives him superpower.That makes him more unique.Why do you like the chraacters you listed.
    Well I know most people on here are desperate to hear your voice now, the suspense is killing me haha! I know what you mean about the quality however. Some Rabbie Burns poems would be great to hear.

    I must admit Mr Connolly can be rather funny... My favourite comedian at the moment would be Bill Bailey however... Not Scottish, I know lol, but I love his "Part Troll" show... I've watched it so many times...

    And don't worry about rambling, I do enough of it myself... it's good to see someone else doing it for a change. ;)
    Don't worry about it... Perhaps you could just look up some interesting videos on YouTube? Failing that, forget about learning for a while and just look up things which are fun... More Scottish comedians, perhaps? ^_- I really hope you feel better soon.
    Hullo, I just read your post about feeling bad and your mother. I just wanted to say that I hope things improve for you and you start to feel better soon. You mentioned about losing your desire to learn? Maybe learning something new would help you to come out of the negativity? Even if it's just reading about something you find interesting it's learning... So perhaps think of the most interesting thing you can and just read up a little bit about it... Focusing your mind in such a way might help... Again, I hope you feel better soon. :)
    You are totally worth knowing. You dont need to put up with rubbish like that.
    I dont think people really know how painful their words can be sometimes - but dont give in. You are a well liked and well respected member of the forum here.
    I am dying to hear it. Seriously - you have an amazing ability to raise anticipation. If I were you I would just improvise - but whatever you feel comfortable with. I await with bated expectation.... boy it better be DAMNED good.
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