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  • Thank you , I love reading the Bible to me that my meditation. I am a strong believer for I feel that I have tested the fact if there is a god or not. when I stop reading the bible I fall in to this evil hate mind set. I try everything but the bible thinking postive working out more but nothing seem to work . But when I finally got around to reading the bible again all of a sudden the happyness I been trying for just apears. I tested this again and again and every time the same thing happened.
    Apologies for not responding, "neardeath." I don't do much of anything these days, much less check this website with any sort of frequency. It's a struggle for me to open up or accept kindness from others, but I very much appreciate your concern and your consoling words. Stay strong.
    I just heard 3 great lines from a TV animation and can't remember even one of them.

    spent the day drunk at the beach. Very unlike me.
    If ah had the money for a plane ticket, ah'd be there, mate. :D

    What...?! Take a few photos of the town where ah live in the south-west region of Scotland, which isnae fair from the border with England, and post them here? :confused:
    Am no against doing it or anything, am just always quite surprised someone would want tae see dreary, depressin', rundown place where ah live.
    Mind you, though - huvin' said aw that - it's quite peaceful. But the only positive thing ah can say about it. :ironicsmile:
    Hullo! So, eh... ah hear you've been missin' me? :ironicsmile: Sorry if that was the case, ye missed chattin' with me, ah take it?

    Ah've just been tryin' tae get some rest. Been really knackered lately, no sleepin' much. And dealin' with some personal issues...

    Anyways, just a quick wee message tae say thanks fur some weird reason? :idontknow: Mibbe it's ma way o' sayin' ah appreciate yer concern n' what not? :bigsmile:

    Hope yer doin' awright as well? :thumbup:
    Hey I got your e mail..... Get some sleep and unplug if you have to.... Don't over do it, take care of yourself...
    Yeah, I'm thinking that's what I should do. I'm starting work as a peer tutor after summer semester ends, so I should at least learn to correct my awkwardness. I feel for you, one slow thinker to another.
    "you are good!" that was meant for me right? if so thanks. b***hing and moaning are the only things i'm good at :p
    the only parameters i know for sure are: nothing offensive, and nothing that is already in use by someone else
    hey there! just enjoying this awesome weather.

    what do you want your new name to be?
    I appreciate the welcome! Sorry for missing your message, maybe i'll catch you on the chat in the future.
    hey there neardeath, sorry for the late response. I've been pretty busy because of exams so I haven't been on the forum lately. Hope you're doing okay. How's that new apartment btw?
    I am the same. Just dont like hurting others. and dont worry, you did not hurt me. :)
    Talk to you sometime, if you want.
    Thats good, that things working fine for you. I wish, I could see such a great view. My dream is to move to a place, very peaceful. No matter in which country it is. I just want to never be found. Want to harvest, eat there and live till I die. But, I am stuck in this big city. :( I wish I could come there to see your place. :s
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