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  • I am kind of jealous that you are moving to the states. That must be terribly exciting for you. :)
    Thanks - you are a sweet heart.
    Always kind to me. I hope the move goes well.

    I wish I could - repay the kindness one day.
    Hey Kat,

    So are you moving to the US permanently or is that just temporary...?
    Hello Kat!

    Thanks for the friend invite. Greatly appreciated.
    Hi Kat!
    I tried Gatorade once but to me it tastes like salt - ewww! I don't think anything can replace my beloved Diet Coke. I'm addicted! You have good taste in junk food though! :)
    Good luck with leaning flash animation in your graphic design course! It's always good to learn or re-learn something, and hobbies are a great way of breaking out of emptiness... Thank you for your offer of being there if I need to talk, I'll keep it in mind. Hope you're doing well, have a great day! :)
    Hi, thank you very much for your praise... There wasn't much in the way of nerves, but then, we were doing it to be silly, not with the definite intention of posting it... That's probably the best way to go about recording your voice if you get nervous... No, never thought about making Flash movies, however when I was a little younger I used to make stop frame animation videos, none of which exist anymore, I lost them when my old computer broke down.

    Anyway, thank you again! ^_^
    Thanks :) Don't forget to keep us all updated on how it goes. I'm so happy for you Kat and hope that all those loose ends are tied up without too much trouble :) xx
    Thanks Kat - they're quite painful! Thankfully a couple of painkillers disguises the pain but I think eventually I might need to get this seen to. How are you? All set for Hawaii?? I'm so envious. Right now I'm looking out of a window to a sky full of rain and cold air - Hawaii seems like a dream. I know you'll have the best of times! xx
    Wow! Hawaii sounds really nice, especially if you like the beach lifestyle. I haven't been there in ages but it was fun! If you're thinking about Cali and are interested in agriculture, you might want to consider the Sonoma area. It's really pretty and they have TONS of wineries there, so I'm sure you could find an agricultural type of job. I'll PM you some pics I have from my visit there a while back. No worries about being a late bloomer! I'm very much the same way too. Heck, I'm 40-something and still act like a kid! :) I'm sure you'll do great with your fiancee's family - your voice alone will make them love you! :)
    I've lived in Cali my whole life so I don't really have anywhere else to compare it to! :) I like where I live (in Silicon Valley, about 40 miles south of San Francisco), but it is super expensive to live here. I suppose it's the price we pay for awesome weather and having lots of things to do (not that I ever go do anything though - lol!). Where in Cali might you move?
    OMG I am tres enviouse!!! That is going to be absolutely amazing, you're very lucky, but you also deserve it. Wowww... Hawaii :) I hope you have a very happy life there! Let us know how it all goes :) xx
    Ahh, so it's all definite then, you've decided on a location? I wish you all the best with it and hope that you will be very happy in your new home :)
    Don't worry, you haven't pressured anyone. It's good that people are being able to step outside of their comfort zones and post their voices. You should feel proud of yourself for creating a thread with the capability to do that :) xx
    Thanks Kat! I had a lovely time, just lived a completely different life for 2 weeks with lovely people. How is everything with you? How are the moving plans going? xx
    Wow - Hawaii! That would be amazing, I'm so envious! Are all the other possible places abroad too? I knew a lady who lived in Hawaii with her boyfriend for a bit, she loved it - she had no t.v and just a load of beautiful nature around her instead. Sounds idyllic. I think you should do it :) xx
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