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  • Hey, just leaving you some love here, BlueDays. I hope you're doing great this evening. :thumbup:
    Hey Blue, how's everything with you? (That sort of rhythms doesn't it. I always knew I was a poet at heart :))
    That's a long time to put up with the heat and humidity without rain, BlueDays. The last week or so have been quite unpleasantly humid here. Better tonight.
    Thanks for your kind words (and hugs), Blue. I do appreciate your friendship, and I'm very sorry that I haven't said so before now. I hope you're doing all right and that school is going well for you. Cheers! :)
    Can you tell me if you received the private messages I sent you ?
    Because they are not appearing in my sent folder. :)
    Hi Blue, with Australia having to endure yet another conservative government, if you could live overseas which country would you choose?
    I'm going alright, changes a bit like the weather how I'm feeling, and who I am around at the time
    Cheer! Yer embarassin' me... Stop it!

    Nice tae know I add flavour n' enjoyment to the forum. Got tae standout somehow, don't ye?

    It'll like ya can hear me talk, innit? Which is weird, because ah didnae know you lot could read that quickly. Scottish folk talk funny, don't they? (3 words per second)

    Ah used tae think ah'd get laughed at me fur writin' in ma regional Scots dialect - now ah cannae stop masel'. But youse aw seem tae get what am sayin' contextually - unless yer American. They huv'nae a clue what am sayin' half the time. But then neither dae ah... It's like showin' a dog a card trick, innit? Only kiddin', nae offense intended there - just a wee jokey joke! :bigsmile: But then, women on here find ma writin' in Scots dialect charming for some reason? :confused: No' that am complainin'. ;) F**k me! That's the longest ah've gone without swearin'. Ah just ramble on, don't ah? Ha-ha! Bye for now, Blue :greeting:
    Oh, not too bad. And I think I was asleep during your spontaneous moment anyway. :)

    Decided whether I should munch before I go to bed. I'm not even sleepy yet, though I should be.
    Bluedays, good to hear from you on the forums, sorry your life is in such a crap place. Don't know what the answer is.
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