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  • I know right! I'm sure he had something to do with the game's creator. Maybe a brother, iono.
    Life is a terrible game. The graphics are good, but you only get one life and you can't respawn ever if you die. They say, though, a guy named Jesus had a could respawn, he cheated!
    You don't say. It's overall a change of pace from gaming threads in gaming-dedicated forums. All that flamewar, if Xbox is worst console but sucks, if PS4 can natively 1080p but still sucks somehow, if Wii U is dead despite the releases it had, if PC Master Race screw console gamers and the console guys hating on PC... It's a trainwreck that can be described as teenagers arguing who has a bigger ****, it's disgusting... Except they're worse, trying to validate their existence and tastes a superior over a piece of hardware... ;_;
    Thanks for the invitation!! I have a blast debating games with you, I havent felt this passionate, having a serious, respectful discussion with someone, in YEARS! You made my day, yesterday and today.
    Running, lifting, other exercises........It was serious enough that I had to go for an x-ray. I'll be doing an MRI hopefully soon. I almost went into a deep depression over it but I'm trying to stay positive. Worrying does not good. Make the most of each day. My anxiety levels are low, which is great. I've been working hard to change my perspective on life.
    My perspective on life is healthier and so is my self esteem. I still have a long way to go with my Social Anxiety but I'm working on it. Yeah, I'm basically at my ideal weight. I lost over 40lbs! I can't exercise right now, it looks like I have a few serious tendon tears. I'm trying to heal and take it easy. Not being able to exercise is driving me nuts! What kind of health issues?
    Hey Johnnay, thanks for the reply to the thread and also thanks for the video. It's really nice of you :)
    Hey! I totally know the feeling!! (I'm usually the same way) I haven't tried therapy yet, I'm on a waiting list. But, I think it will help. Hang in there! :)
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