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  • I know you like animals :)

    Hi Blue. Well, there has just been a nice knee of things going on, that have been causing great stress to me. But yes, the death of Gabriel G. Marquez, definitely depressed me. However, I am just very exhausted.... I hope that this next week I will be able to rest
    And feel better. How are you doing, blue?
    Hi Buedays, thanks for your message, it helps. I'm better this morning, too much caffeine yesterday. To live in a world of fear and anger like this, with the inability to communicate easily, and the problems I create for myself by the way I react to the world, doesn't seem sustainable at times. I fear my anxiety will jeopardize the ability to support the opportunities I have created recently.
    You and me both! That's why I have to constantly remind myself. I really have deep fear issues regarding people that stems from my childhood. Not easy to overcome but I realize how irrational it can be. I hope we're both successful!
    Enduring hardship for your family is a beautiful act. I'm trying to stay positive and open to meeting new people. I need to rewire my brain from viewing people as a threat to seeing each person as someone that can teach me or show me something new regardless of who they are. Seeing people in this light, helps with my SA.
    Hey BlueDays! How are you doing? You seem a lot happier (or confident) compared to a year ago. Your dog avatar is so cute. I wish I had one.
    hey Blue, hopefully will get to chat with you again soon, its been too long:)
    So glad you survived, must've been full on? Running is hard for me in the humidity, looking forward to the end of summer.
    Life is treating me fairly good, thank you Blue :) College has been keeping me busy lately, and I've been trying to go out more. That's great news about the studying. I hope it all goes well for you.
    Thanks, BlueDays. I already have something else to fill that gap, and sometimes being in the band was a big chore, especially the bass guitarist (his personality rubbed me the wrong way). So it's all good. :) I hope you're still going great!

    I didn't leave the band by choice. I was kicked out. Basically we hadn't rehearsed in a long time and then the guitarist wanted to do a gig, to which I said no because I'd need to relearn all the songs again. That was the end of it. I wanted to remain but they thought otherwise after that. Not to worry. I have bigger fish to fry at the moment. :)
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